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Fan Kit

Fan-kit is a set of general media assets of the project which you may find useful for decorating fan-sites, blogs, or social networks - or simply your personal desktops. Download the fan-kit to have instant access to numerous screenshots from game's Alpha-version, packs of avatars and smiley icons, forum signatures, logos and official game videos.

The fan-kit will be updated regularly with only fresh media.

Current version of the kit consists of:

  • Main art
  • Game logos
  • Screenshots from Alpha and Beta versions
  • Wallpapers
  • Forum avatars
  • Forum signatures
  • Pilot smileys
  • Short text of game description


To download the archive file containing War Thunder fan-kit, please, click HERE.


We'd like to offer you a set of War Thunder forum signatures that you may want to place into your user profiles. There will more new signatures added in future, and today we present you the variations that you can see below.

You are free to use them both on official and other game forums.


We've prepared for you a set of new avatars (userpics, personal profile pictures) with portraits of pilots - War Thunder characters and with game's emblems.

You can easily use these avatars both on official Gaijin forums and on any other forums as well.

There are several samples of War Thunder avatars on this page. The whole set can be downloaded as a Zip-archive file from here:


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