War Thunder background
  • Planned changes in Battle Ratings have been implemented.
  • Locations have been updated following player feedback:
    • El-Alamein. Unfairly effective positions on mountaintops have been removed. The “forbidden zone” problem for SB missions has been fixed.
    • Aral Sea. Several visual improvements have been implemented; asymmetry of the spawn zones has been fixed.
    • Iberian Castle. A house has been removed from the field that granted an advantage to one of the teams.
    • Normandy. An opportunity to shell spawn zones from the edges of the play area has been removed.
    • Alaska Town, Ground Zero. Entrances to the mountain forest from where spawn zones could be shelled have been closed off.
    • Maginot Line. An opportunity to shell spawn zones from the edges of the play area has been removed.
    • Stalingrad. An opportunity to shell spawn zones from the edges of the play area has been removed.
    • Sun City. City blocks have been reworked, city architecture has been changed to a more modern one, several landscape segments have been improved, textures in the urban area have been fixed.
    • Eastern Europe. Landscape has been reworked: added natural cover, allowing for many opportunities to move to the points and between them while remaining protected from long range shots; forests have been reworked to look more natural, ability to shell spawn zones has been removed
    • Vietnam. A swamp has been drained and the ground has been made more easily passable on point A, contrast of the background has been increased to make it easier on the eyes, visual bugs have been fixed, minimap has been improved.
    • Seversk-13. Removed police cars that left behind invisible collision models after being destroyed, causing projectile shells to become armed.
    • Jungle. Colour of trees has been corrected, the amount of small greenery has been reduced, paths out of the play area that allowed players to control the entire location without any retaliation have been closed off.
  • Rolling resistance on various ground types for tracks and wheels has been changed. Rolling friction influences gaining speed and limits maximum speed on weak ground types.
    • Rolling resistance of tracks and wheels on steppes and meadows has been significantly reduced.
    • Rolling resistance on weak ground types, such as untouched snow and sand dunes, has been increased for wheeled vehicles.
  • In Random Battles, the mechanics of determining the visibility of an enemy behind a smoke have been returned. This means that vehicles will not disappear whilst inside of smoke.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.