Russian Airborne Forces Day!

Until 07:00 GMT on the 4th of August

Participate in 3 battles using Soviet vehicles of rank II or higher (with an in-game activity of at least 60%) to receive one of the following decals “Small emblem of Airborne forces”, “Emblem of Airborne forces” or “Airborne troops decal”.

Small emblem of Airborne forces
Small emblem of Airborne forces
“Emblem of Airborne forces
Emblem of Airborne forces
“Airborne troops” decal
“Airborne troops” decal

Also available via in-game Item Shop is a trophy allowing the purchase of all decals dedicated to the Russian Airborne Forces Day.


You can complete the task in random battles, except “Assault” and “Enduring Confrontation”.

You can follow your progress by clicking on your nickname -> Achievements -> Russian Airborne Forces day.

The prize decals can be located by clicking Customization → USSR.

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