Battle Of Britain

This weekend, take part in the "Battle of Britain" event and win trophies!


15 September 2017

Legends: Spitfire and tournaments “Royal joust”

For the anniversary of the Battle of Britain we present a new video from the series “Legends” about one of the defenders of the British skies - Spitfire!


15 September 2017

Happy tanker’s day!

To celebrate the tanker's day, win an M3 Medium tank (URSS) or an SU-76M 5th Gv.Kav.Corps!


9 September 2017


Prepare for an opponent like no other! Wingball! In this event, pilots will need to grab the “ball” and deliver it to any opponent's goal.


1 September 2017

Team Deathmatch 100

Participate in the '100' Team Deathmatch Event on the locations “Tunisia”, "Poland" and "Khalkhin Gol"!


25 August 2017

Battle Royale

There are no teams here, there are no partnerships, in this battle, everyone is responsible only for themselves. The new event "Battle Royale" will identify the warrior that understands these rules better than anyone else.


11 August 2017

Enduring Confrontation: Dunkirk - Air Defence

Participate in the Enduring Confrontation: Dunkirk - Air Defence and let us know, how do you like it. We can't wait for your feedback!


21 July 2017

War in Mid Air

In this event, teams are split between attackers and defenders. The task of the attacking aircraft team is to destroy tanks that are positioned inside the city and then anti-air units as well.


21 July 2017

CTF: Classic Mode (survey is over)

Capture and defend, one doesn’t work without the other here. Try and bring the enemy flag back to your base, while not forgetting to protect your own from your opponents. That’s how it works.


14 July 2017

Viva l'Italia! Fiat G.56: Improved Energy Fighter

The G.56 is a further development of the excellent Italian G.55 fighter. Although it never managed to leave behind a proper mark in military history due to never progressing past prototype stage, it sure leaves more than a mark on the airframe of its foes in War Thunder!


14 July 2017

Total Domination

Put your teamplay skills to good use in a new gaming event Total Domination! Your goal is to capture all contested points SIMULTANEOUSLY and hold them for just 15 seconds to win the round!


7 July 2017

The Battle of Kursk

Take part in the reconstruction of the Battle of Kursk! The event will be in the AB, RB and SB game mode with historical vehicle setups.


5 July 2017