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Bomber repair costs and bombing reward adjustment

In the upcoming economy update we will focus on the overly expensive repair of heavy bombers. Repair prices, awards for base bombing and costs for suspended weaponry will be corrected and all this will make flying out in heavy bombers much less risky and more affordable for average players. This will of course have an effect on any kind of bombing attack from all bomb capable aircraft.

In addition to the automatic balancing (manual adjustment being done regularly after major updates) of Battle Ratings in War Thunder, there is also an automatic algorithm that is responsible for the game economy. Among its tasks are also the adjustment of repair prices depending on the average earnings of the specific vehicles. Bombers possess base destruction as a unique goal which brings greater income,  however, heavy bombers find themselves in a situation over time where prices for repair automatically increase to a substantial amount. This has made flying out in them an economically risky business for players.

Repair cost of some bombers will be reduced !

To solve this problem it would not be enough to simply reduce the award for base bombing and therefore the repair cost because even within one rank the aircraft may have very different carrying capacities which would result in a situation where lightweight bombers would receive a low amount of awards. We believe that the optimal solution is an algorithm that adjusts the award value for base bombing based on the current bomb load. This in turn will reduce the repair cost of some bombers and will not affect the total income of the vehicles even with a low bomb load in any battle result.

For example: a Tu-2S-44 (BR 6.0) with 2,000 kg of bombs will receive a decent award for successful base bombing and the  B-24D-25-CO (BR 6.0) with 3,600 kg bombs in turn will not reflect twice the repair costs of the Tu-2S.

The algorithm will affect only awards for base bombing and will not affect other battle awards in any way. So bombers will still retain the ability to provide their pilots with stable Silver Lion earnings.

Full table
The data presented in the table is preliminary and may change during the development process.

We constantly revisit and revise economy changes and will look again at all areas. For now we plan to make these specific changes that affect all bomb capable aircraft at the beginning of October. We would be happy to receive your opinions and suggestions on this topic.

The War Thunder Team

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