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War Thunder Market: new trophy with user-created camos!

We have a new update 1.85 “Supersonic” trophy in the game with vehicle camouflages!

This time we selected 40 different camouflage variants for the War Thunder vehicles, made by 34 authors from WT:LIVE: 17 for ground vehicles, 12 for aircraft, 6 for helicopters and 5 for ships.

Here are some examples of what you can find in the chest:


“Supersonic” trophy drops with a specific probability and periodicity in random battles in all modes (except for the cooperative PvE “Assault” mode).

The minimum requirements for obtaining a trophy: participate in a battle in a vehicle of rank III and higher whilst achieving 50% of activity or higher.

Along with the new trophy, two old ones can also drop, but the probability of obtaining a new trophy is much higher.

The rarity of the camouflage will be determined by its popularity on the Market.

In addition to a camouflage you can get a “Supersonic” decal or coupon for a rare vehicle.

To open the trophy, you will need a new “Supersonic I" key, which can be purchased on the Market for GJN.

For the PlayStation 4® and Xbox One players the key and trophy will be available for Golden Eagles in the in-game item shop.

How to make custom camouflage with the Revenue Share Program

You can learn more about the program in our Contribution Agreement

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