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The War Thunder Market: get premium content just by playing!

Here, we will tell you about what we created the Market for, what comes next and how you can help make the Market better!


As a game project, War Thunder lives and develops thanks to premium content sales, for example, premium vehicles, boosters, decals and decorative items. However, premium content isn’t available to all players.

To smooth out the edges in options between players that prefer fast progress and premium content for real money, and players who want to get content (including premium content) only by using in-game methods, we decided to create the Market. The Market is a place where players can exchange content and get vehicles and items without paying a single cent of real money.

The Market is a place where players can trade with each other. You can buy and sell in-game items and vehicles, which means not just spending, but also earning!

The Market’s currency is Gaijin Coin (GJN). Even as we speak there are ways to earn GJN directly in the game:

Earn War Bonds by completing Combat Objectives, get items in the War Bonds Store and sell them for GJN on the Market.

Take part in events, get items and Coupons, and sell excess and unnecessary items for GJN on the Market.

Create unique in-game content (camouflages), put them on WT:LIVE and put them up for sale on the Market.

And here’s how you can spend Gaijin Coins:

You can buy Golden Eagles for GJN, which means opening up opportunities for experience, crew training, module purchasing and other options that premium currency provides.
GJN is used not only on the Market, but also in the War Thunder premium store. You can use GJN to pay for 100% of the cost of premium vehicles, packs of Golden Eagles or a premium subscription!
GJN will not expire over time, they are easily gained by selling superfluous items on the Market and they even help you complete missions in certain events by allowing the purchase of required items from other players.

First Successes

Our Market is already operational, and from the beginning, many players have appreciated the new trading options of the Market to the full. Some save for a premium account, some are interested in event items, and creative types even earn real money from their content. Here are the first results!

Roughly 800,000 trades have already taken place between War Thunder players in the Market.

Over 60,000 1.77-I Advancing Storm Battle Trophies: these trophies include unique custom made camouflages that are displayed for all players in battle.

Roughly $50,000 earned in total by authors of user camouflages that were selected for the Advancing Storm trophy!

If you are one of the authors, check the “Balance” section in your Gaijin.net profile to receive your share.

Our plans

We are keen to make the earning of items for the Market a part of daily gameplay for the active audience, regardless of which mode they are playing in. So we plan to expand the assortment of items in the game, both by adding new ones and changing old ones.

Content created by players for players will also appear in the game more often and we are starting right now:


The "Project-X-I" trophy may be obtained once in a while in any random battle. The minimum requirements for the trophy are: you should be using vehicles of rank 3 or higher with at least 50% battle activity ( does not apply in Assault PvE missions)

The "Project-X-I" trophy contains 40 new camouflages for ground vehicles and aircraft from authors on the WT:LIVE portal. Of course, these camouflages are available on the Market as individual items too.

Today we introduce a new trophy "Project-X-I" - 27 authors from WT Live have prepared 21 camos for ground vehicles and 19 for aircraft with 23 of these camos being historically accurate. Those who prefer a fancy look and historical accuracy should take a look at the 11 unhistorical skins. Besides camouflages you will be able to receive the “Project-X” decal and coupons for rare vehicles.

In order to open this trophy you will need a new "Project-X-I" key that you can purchase on the Market

Here are some examples of what you can find in the chest:


These, and many more camos can be viewed in the game after receiving the “Advancing Storm-II” trophy using the preview option. In the beginning, all new camouflages will not be rare (they will be white) but later their rarity status may change according to their popularity.  

You might also want to try your skills in creating your own camo on WT Live.

We would like to inform you that all “Project-X” trophies have equal chances for rare vehicle coupons.

Good luck in battle and opening trophies!

We await your reviews and suggestions in the comments. Trade and earn on the Market!

The War Thunder Team

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