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War Thunder market: new trophy with user-created camos!

A new trophy with vehicle camouflages already in the game! We present to you “The Valkyries”!

This time we selected 40 camouflage variants from 27 authors from WT:LIVE!  - 21 for ground vehicles, 18 for planes and (for the first time!) one camo for helicopters!

Here some examples what you can find in the trophy

How to get?

"The Valkyries" trophy drops with a specific probability and periodicity in random battles in all modes (except for the cooperative PvE “Assault” mode).

The minimum requirements for obtaining a trophy: participate in a battle in a vehicle of rank III and higher whilst achieving 50% of activity or higher.

Along with the new trophy, two old ones can also drop, but the probability of obtaining a new trophy is much higher.

The rarity of the camouflage will be determined by its popularity on the Market.

In addition to a camouflage you can get "The Valkyries" decal or coupon for a rare vehicle.



To open the trophy, you will need a new "The Valkyries" key, which can be purchased on the Market for GJN.

For the PlayStation 4® and Xbox One players the key and trophy will be available for Golden Eagles in the in-game item shop.


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