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Dear players,

Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

Air Force

Q. The French also famously completed and operated the He 177 A-3 under the SNCASE company. Will we see these variants as a French Premium or event machine? Perhaps the He 274 that was also completed by France as a premium?

A, The He 274 was not used as a bomber, so the chance is slim. Giving the He 177 to France will mean we should give it to US and UK as well, as they were operated and tested by those countries too. Right now we do not have such plans. Let Germany alone have their long-awaited 177 bomber fun for now.

Q. Rank 6 has lead to lots more modern vehicles, but the game is still missing many important WW2 machines such as the B-26 Marauder, P-51B/C variants, Avro Manchester, Fairy Battle, Westland Lysander, Boulton Paul Defiant and other variants such as the Mosquito bomber variants and early Blenheim fighter variants. Are there still plans for such machines?

A. The Listed machines are possible. Nothing is off the table.

Q. Is the Fiat G.59 possible for italy? It had cannon armament and a Rolls Royce Merlin Engine. Perhaps a nice premium?

A. According to our research, only a mock-up cannon version was built for Syria. We do not have definite proof that the cannon version existed. Some Syrian photos show machine guns. The aircraft was mostly used as a trainer and armed with two Breda machine guns. Weak for the rank. Other interesting premiums are planned for this rank.

Q. The German P-47 model does not seem to be correct. The P-47s captured by Germany were of the “Razerback” kind, not the bubble canopy. Do you have plans to fix this model?

A. The model will be updated with P-47 overhaul which will come eventually. Players and developers alike want the iconic "Razorback" version in game.

Ground Forces:

Q. Will we see more mid rank SPAAGs like the AMX-13 DCA (twin 30mm) and Type 61 SPAAG? Japan and France could definitely do with more SPAAG love.

A. Unfortunately there were some difficulties with the research for information about the SPAAG’s, but we do not rule out their appearance in the game. A Japanese prototype with a 76mm universal cannon can be interesting.

Q. Are there any more planned US heavy tanks? (perhaps premiums?) There is still the T26E5 and 155mm T30 to be explored as well as others.

A. Yes, there are plans for American heavy tanks, at least two. Which two we do not yet want to say :).

Q. Japanese ground forces on Rank V and VI lack a lot of options that could be implemented due to historical reasons, but there are still many variants of the STB-2/3/4/5 and 6 prototypes as well as the Type 74 B to F models and Type 74 G/Kai variants that could be split from the current STB-1 and Type 74 tanks in game. Do you have plans to introduce more variants of these machines? Perhaps an STB variant as a Japanese tier V premium?

A. Unfortunately there is simply too little information on these machines, including details of the specific models appearance, while they are very similar in form and characteristics. So far, we have not considered adding more variants due to this reason.

These are questions specifically from the Hungarian Community:

Q. Is there any chance that we will see Hungarian vehicles in the game? If yes, which tech tree would they be a part of?

A. There is a chance, more likely as individual samples, perhaps as premiums in other nations.

Q. Do you plan to introduce ATGM deflection systems?

A. There are some ideas being considered.

Q. Are there any technical difficulties that prevents the implementation of afterburners?

A. As far as we are aware, no.

Q. Can we expect the rewind function in replays anytime soon?

A."Soon" - unlikely

Q. Do you plan to introduce the so called "rank 0" that would consist of vehicles from WW1 and/or between the two world wars.

A. There are no such plans for the moment.

Q. Is the ballistics of both aircraft and tank ammunition fully modeled?

A. Sufficiently detailed for our purposes, taking into account the requirements for speed (in one battle there may be several thousand bullets and shells at a time) that requires some optimization.

Q. Exactly how is battle activity calculated? That is a huge mystery amongst the players.

A. We use a rather complicated formula, but we can simplistically say that the activity in combat is directly proportional to the points earned in battle and inversely proportional to the time of the whole battle.

You can ask your question to the developers on our official forum in the "Questions to the Team" section.

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