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New Location: Italy
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Countless battles have already unfolded in the Mediterranean theatre in War Thunder, but with update 1.79 tankers will get the chance to escape the scorching desert heat of North Africa to fight on the first Mediterranean ground map set in the beautiful Italian countryside of the Reggio Calabria province!

Upcoming War Thunder update 1.79 brings with it a new map for combined arms battles set on the southernmost part of the Italian mainland. The map is inspired by the settlements and rocky landscape of the Reggio Calabria province overlooking the Strait of Messina.

As such, players will find themselves fighting in and around a quiet Italian settlement situated in a valley surrounded by tall mountains. Numerous winding roads and paths as well as a river on the north of the map break up the meadows surrounding the small settlement. These are home not only to the occasional Italian style villa, orchard and vineyard, but will also make for a prime hunting ground for fast, lightly armored vehicles as well as tank destroyers. The vast open fields provide little cover and are thus highly unsuited for slower vehicles, whereas the more mobile counterparts can make excellent use of the terrain to perform unexpected flanking maneuvers.


The settlement, which stretches from the southern shoreline to the river on the north, is filled to the brim with colourful and diverse Italian architecture, yet untouched by the destruction of war. However, there is no time to stop by the nearest café to enjoy the atmosphere and a glass of the finest local wine! As with any urban location, the settlement provides good cover and is therefore more suited for traditional head to head engagements of medium and heavy machines. Although hard cover has the benefit of shielding you from incoming fire, it also works both ways when concealing a vehicle. Namely, the narrow streets, apart from the town’s parks and plazas, offer only limited view ranges around your vehicle. This means that you will have to be cautious and rely on communication with your team as well as follow the flow of the battle to make sure you don’t get cut off in enemy territory and end up surprised by an enemy encirclement.


All War Thunder players will have the chance to fight on the new Italian combined battles map, coming to the game with update 1.79! Prepare for battle, commanders!

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