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Revenue Share program - Po-2 cockpit
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In “The New Era” we did not forget about some of our older vehicles: A Po-2 cockpit which has been created by our players will be implemented in the game with this major update with help from our Revenue Share program! Under the terms of the program for a quality cockpit for the aircraft the author will receive a fixed reward. We would like to remind you that depending on the model’s complexity authors of cockpit models may receive between 1,500 and 8,000 USD!

The author of the model and textures Gadzhimurad "CrIcKeT" Bayramov talks about the creation of the Po-2 cockpit:

In the summer of 2015 I joined a troop of volunteers that were engaged in the restoration and maintenance of an exhibition to proper condition. In the museum I saw many vehicles that have been recreated in War Thunder and I had an idea: Why shouldn't I create a cockpit for aircraft that for various reasons did not get the cockpits (Ed.: All aircraft in the game have at least dimensional prototypes of cockpits now).

I didn't have much experience working in 3D editor software and I decided to start with some simple cockpits - something like the Po-2. Also by not having much experience working with textures I chose at first a piece of software where I found it possible. I started with Substance Painter software, which can work with PBR textures (War Thunder uses PBR renders). This software has significant functionality that makes it convenient to work simultaneously in all channels of textures as well as a friendly interface that allowed me to understand it in just a couple of days. And so, slowly, assisted by periodical help from developers i created the cockpit.

The War Thunder Team

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