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Victory Day with War Thunder
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Warriors, today we celebrate Victory! Don’t miss your chance to participate in the special events and even receive the famous ‘Weapon of Victory” - the legendary MLRS BM-13 on the Studebaker US6 chassis also known as “Katyusha” and other prizes!

 From May 6th 11:00 GMT to May 10th 11:00 GMT  


The legendary MRLS is now available in War Thunder. Are you ready to own one? 


From the 5th of May (11:00 GMT) until the 10th of May (11:00 GMT)


For every five battles whilst using rank 3 or higher vehicles with an activity of 70% and more, you will receive a “Victory Star” decal.

From the 8th of May (11:00 GMT) until the 10th of May (11:00 GMT)


Those that complete the WWII Chronicles tankers task on the 8th of May will receive the PPSh mod 1942 3d decoration. 


From the 5th of May (11:00 GMT) until the 10th of May (11:00 GMT) 


  • 30% discount for all the “Allied” vehicles including premiums!
  • 50% discount on premium account for 90 and 365 days!
  • 50% discount on premium account for 180 days in the Gaijin Shop
  • Special premium vehicle bundles with a discount of up to 50%!

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From May 7th (07:00 GMT) until May 10th (11:00 GMT)


In the PvE mission 'Victory Hour' your main task is to destroy all forces defending the Reichstag. Follow the waypoints and advance with full force!

Mission details:
  • The “Victory hour” mission can be found in the “Events and tournaments” tab.
  • Each player has access to the following tanks:  Т-34-85 (D-5Т), Т-34-85, Su-85M, IS-2 mod. 1944. You can start the mission using any tank except the IS-2 which will become available once you earn some Spawn Points.
  • Event “Victory Hour” will be available during holidays.
  • The number of sessions for the event is limited, which can lead to longer waiting times.
  • Up to 4 players can participate in the mission cooperatively (time to get a coordinated team!)
  • To participate in the event, you should have at least one vehicle at rank IV.
  • For being victorious in this mission, you will be rewarded with the unique ‘Victory Day’ banner:


From May 5th (15:00 GMT) until May 10th (11:00 GMT)


All players who reached the 3rd rank of any nation will receive two tickets for 60 battles each for participating in the tournaments.
Also, achieve a prize-winning place in the high scores table and you will also become the proud owner premium vehicle prizes:

Top 200 Tankers Top 200 Pilots

Premium SPG SU-76M 5th Guards Cavalry Corps Premium aircraft I-301

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