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Victory Day Tournament
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From 15:00 GMT on the 5th of May until 11:00 GMT on the 10th of May

Pilots and tankers!

In honour of Victory Day, open tournaments will be available to all players!

At the time of the tournament, each player in War Thunder who has reached the 3rd rank for aircraft or ground vehicles will receive access to 60 battles in each tournament


 Be one of the first 200 strongest players in the tournament score table and get a guaranteed 5th Guards Cavalry Corps SU-76M in the tournament for tankers or the I-301 in the tournament for pilots!

 For the 5th victory in the tournament “Victory Day” you will receive a special “Victory Star” decal. 

 For every 5 victories in each tournament you will receive a “Winner Trophy” with one of the following prizes:

In the tournament for tankers: In the tournament for pilots:

Premium SPG SU-76M 5th Guards Cavalry Corps;
 Random camouflage for the vehicle participated in the battle;
x3 backup vehicle participated in the battle;
30% SL and RP booster;
Premium aircraft I-301;
 Random camouflage for the aircraft participated in the battle;
x3 backup aircraft participated in the battle;
30% SL and RP booster;


  • The tournaments will be in Arcade Battles.
  • Only one re-spawn will be available In the aircraft tournament.
  • 3 re-spawns will be available In the ground vehicles tournament.
  • It is not permitted to participate in a squad.
  • Aircraft and ground vehicles tournaments are independent, so you will be able to participate in 60 battles for each tournament.
  • Winners will be awarded the prizes within a week after the completion of the tournaments.
  • Regardless of the outcome of the battle, each battle reduces the counter of the remaining available battles by 1.
  • The first 200 players for each tournament will be awarded with the prize.
  • Every player that has reached the 3rd rank of any nation, will receive tickets for the aircraft and ground vehicles tournament on log-in into the game.

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