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April fools day - Summary
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Dear players!

The event, which we started for the 1st of April has come to an end, but our work on War Thunder continues.

We thank you for your feedback, it was very nice to read them!

This testing was successful in the first place because many of the mechanics in War Thunder have already been implemented before: X-Ray view, ATGMs, different types of shells, their distribution in the vehicle etc. War Thunder was ready for modern vehicles. New mechanics, which were implemented specially for the event will be tested for main game modes in War Thunder.

Implementation of such a mission was only possible with support, which you give us every day. Thanks to all the hundreds and thousands of people that helped us to test IXth rank. It was an absolute record among all of our 1st of April events by the number of players alone.

See you on the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team

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