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Update 1.67 'Assault' released! - Survey!
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Dear friends! It's time for a new major update for War Thunder! A full list of new features and changes is available in the changelog on the update page. Here we will focus on the most interesting additions that update 1.67 "Assault" brings to the game! 

Weapon stabilization for ground vehicles

The gun stabilizer is a system that improves the tank gun’s aim at the target and preserves (stabilizes) its aim even when the hull vibrates during movement, which allows it to perform effective aimed fire during vehicle movement or when temporarily stopped. Reaction time and accuracy between target detection and effective hit draw the line between life and death in tank warfare. This new feature will increase realism on machines historically equipped with a gun stabilisation system. Click here to read more.

Exhaust Flames for aircraft

Flames from the exhausts of aircraft engines – a small change that makes a big impression in War Thunder! You can witness the exhaust flames in several engine settings, such as when starting or switching the engine to WEP. We have implemented the flame effect for all our aviation engines with exterior exhaust pipes (except for aircraft with flame suppressors and turbochargers). This new addition offers an even more immersive experience in the War Thunder universe and just looks awesome! Click here to read more.

New Locations

This ancient town is where all of the main roads through the Ardennes
mountains meet. The German army is not stopping – the cost of
delaying the assault on Antwerp is too high.

The Ardennes

Unique mountain with a flat summit is a true natural wonder –
a gargantuan mountain plateau rising up against the landscape.
The plateau is partially obscured by a huge cloud.

Guiana Highlands

New Co-op missions: "Assault"!

“Assault” that’s the name of the new game mode, Co-op mission in the skies and on the ground against superior enemy numbers.“Assault” mode missions will be available for all vehicles of all ranks and nations. Assault is perfect for starting a gaming day in War Thunder!  You may “warm up” a little while destroying bots before you join battles against real players or you may find a friend for a squad and get some nice booster which will may come in handy in random battles. At the moment, "Assault" game mode is in the testing stage and available only for aircraft. The ground forces mission is scheduled to launch in the coming days after solving some performance issues on servers. Caused by the huge interest of players and the large amount of  vehicles in the mission. Click here to read more. 

Will be available soon!

New Ground Vehiclеs, Aircraft and much more!

IS-6  Ru 251   Ki-67-I   B-10B 

Check full changelog

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