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Ki-67 Hiryu: The Japanese Dragon
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The Ki-67 Hiryu is a Japanese army medium bomber that was destined to become the best Japanese plane of its class. During the final phase of the war in the Pacific, this high-speed progressive bomber allowed Japan to significantly delay the end of combat operations and make life a lot harder for American sailors and pilots.

The Ki-67 Hiryu (“hiryu” or “flying dragon”) is a medium (heavy according to the Japanese classification) bomber that was employed by the Japanese army from 1944 to 1945, right up until the end of the war in the Pacific.

First produced in December 1942 as a prototype, this plane eventually became Japan’s best medium bomber of the World War II era. Extremely successful and inexpensive to produce, the Ki-67 was used in a number of roles, including bomber, torpedo plane, interceptor, assault plane, and even in the unfortunate role of kamikaze aircraft. Japan achieved its greatest success with the Ki-67 during preventative attacks against American-occupied Saipan airfields from which devastating raids by heavy B-29 Superfortresses were launched on a regular basis.

A total of 760 Ki-67’s and its various modifications were built between 1942 and 1945.

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In War Thunder, the Ki-67 should appeal to many players, since it has a decent maximum speed of 527 kph (327 mph) at an altitude of 6,000 meters and can carry up to 800 kg of bomb load. In addition to bombs with calibers of 50, 100, 250, and 500 kg, the bomb hatch can also contain one torpedo, which all dyed-in-the-wool “sailors” should definitely appreciate. In addition to its other armaments, the Ki-67 has serious defensive weaponry that includes several high-caliber Ho-104 machine guns (turret version of Ho-103) and one powerful 20mm Ho-5 gun, which many Japanese fighters are outfitted with in the game. The high-caliber machine guns are located at firing points with good firing angles along the entire perimeter of the plane. The 20mm gun is installed in a rotating rear cockpit above the fuselage and has a field of fire that covers the entire upper rear hemisphere. In addition, contrary to the orthodox Japanese construction schematics, the Ki-67 has been equipped with sealed fuel tanks and even armored plating that keep the crew protected against enemy fire!

The two most widespread versions of the Ki-67 will be available in the game: the Ki-67 Ko and the Ki-67 Otsu. The Otsu is the final and latest version of the Ki-67 and differs from the earlier model by having two paired high-caliber machine guns in its tail turret, as well as the addition of an anti-ship radar system. The Ki-67 will be a sought-after gift for all fans of the air force of the Land of the Rising Sun. Now, anyone who has become used to viewing Japanese vehicles with a certain prejudice will soon realize the error of their ways.

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