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Damage Mechanics
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Have you ever wondered how the damage mechanics work for Aviation and Ground Forces function in War Thunder? Perhaps you were interested in finding out how realistic shells and ordinance was translated across to our virtual battlefields? Wonder no more!

War Thunder has a complex and realistic damage model that spans a wide range possibilities, situations and scenarios all with historical accuracy in mind. Each and every vehicle has its own unique damage model, faithfully recreated with every module, crew member and armour plate taken into consideration and functioning in game. In order to truly master the battlefields and join the ranks of the best pilots and tankers, it's important to understand how these mechanics work, how damage is calculated and what factors can affect received and delivered damage.  

Distinguishing between Normal, Serious, Critical and Lethal damage and what this means for your vehicle in combat can help you plan and consider your actions and battle strategies before setting off into combat. Whilst your vehicle is your primary weapon in battle, knowledge is the key to victory!

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