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Update 1.63 'Desert Hunters' released! (survey added)

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War Thunder presents

Update 1.63 "Desert Hunters"

23 new and improved vehicles, two locations, High-resolution Texture Streaming and many other novelty changes! According to our recent good tradition, the wait for a new major update has not been too long. Meet - update 1.63 “Desert Hunters”!

New Locations

Pilots will receive a new aircraft location in "Greece", inspired by the Mediterranean landscape. Stunning scenery and unique Greek rock formations is included. Another map in this update where air warriors can gain help from ground vehicles. "Sinai" - a desert location on a peninsula on the Red Sea, just on the border between Asia and Africa. What can warm us up better this fall than a good battle in the desert, where temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius in the shade!

"Greece" "Sinaï"

Ground Vehicles

What can you use to hunt in the sand amongst the sun bleached rocks, boulders and ancient castles? What about some missile armament?  The FV438 “Swingfire”, our first British non-premium vehicle equipped with ATGMs. Among the 15 new vehicles in this update - a top ZSU, a new modification of the "Leopard", and real land ironclad - the multi turreted British A1E1 Independent.

Leopard 1A1A1      M163 Vulcan     A1E1 Independent    ZSU-23-4 Shilka   


Nine new and improved aircraft: The Japanese lineup is replenished by three aircraft, the US has a new "jet" added, the British tree has been reinforced with a couple of new twin-engined aircraft and Germany has the first superheavy "flying boat".

F9F-8 Cougar      BV-238     Ki-87     Su-6


Check full list of changes in the Changelog

See you on the battlefield!

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