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Hudson Mk V - A twin-engined rascal!
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The twin-engined passenger aircraft which proved its value during the war as a light bomber.
Meet the Hudson Mk V!

Aviation has presented many cases of military machines which, after the end of the conflict, were adapted for use in civilian service. The twin-engine Lockheed Super Electra was a good example that went in the complete opposite direction however. A well known and respected passenger aircraft became a no less recognizable light bomber, known in the European World War II theater as the Hudson.

The first machines ordered were transported from the United States to Great Britain in early 1939, being used in the spring before the outbreak of World War II by the RAF to patrol the North Sea. The Hudson also enrolled in history as the first Allied aircraft operating from the British Isles credited with shooting down a German aircraft during the opening stages of World War II. The event took place on October 8th 1939 over a cold Jutland.

The twin-engine bomber powered by 1,200 hp Pratt & Whitney engines was armed with two .303 Browning (7.7mm) guns with an additional two .303 machine guns mounted within the turret and one Vickers machine gun under the fuselage. The aircraft could also be equipped with a bomb load of 1600 lbs and 8 unguided rockets at the same time. Contrary to its appearance, it was a very agile machine, which in the hands of trained pilots could be a thorn in the side of many enemy aircraft. Known Japanese Ace - Saburo Sakai was surprised and amazed when a lonely Hudson resisted attacks from nine A6M Zeros for over 10 minutes!

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In War Thunder, Light bombers  are generally used by players to attack armoured columns and bunkers. In situations like these, the Hudson will perform perfectly.  In addition, due to the high maneuverability, a military version of the Super Electra will have a good chance in avoiding enemy fighter attacks.

The new machine will be an ideal aircraft for pilots who are just starting their adventure with War Thunder. The high maneuverability of this aircraft provides a margin of error in piloting, and diversified equipment allows the practice of different styles of play. The Hudson should also be handy as an aircraft used during mixed battles, where a precision attack with its ordnance will be able to hurt tanks controlled by other players.

Hudson, like many other aircraft produced in the United States during World War II, was quickly added to the Lend Lease program, and this version will appear as a premium machine in the British Tech Tree in War Thunder. A light and agile bomber will certainly be a very good tool to gain experience and Silver Lions, whilst providing a lot of fun in its flying!

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