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We are pleased to present a new air battle map in War Thunder, which we've titled Greece.

Close combat amid labyrinths of cliffs in a colorful Mediterranean landscape?
Boom and zoom from out of the clouds? This has all that, again and again! Clear prop!

We are pleased to present a new air battle map for War Thunder 1.63 Desert Hunters, which we've titled Greece. This location was designed based on Mediterranean landscapes. As for designing the map’s unusual terrain, our artists took inspiration from the Metéora rock formation in Greece. We've tried to design the terrain of this small map as a giant labyrinth with a multitude of twists and turns, cover and obstacles at various heights. A number of traditional Mediterranean homes with Dutch tile roofs are plastered all over the stone slopes on 'Greece', and bright sun rays shine through to add to the palette of grey cliffs and thick greenery. 

'Greece' was created primarily with Arcade air battles in mind. It's a lot of fun to chase each other at high speeds on this map, dodging trees and cliffs, constantly changing your roll and provoking your pursuers to crash into cliffs or houses. Every pilot is sure to be excited by the refreshing and merry battles in the complex labyrinth of this mountain village! Fans of boom and zoom strategies will find plenty to do here too – opponents constantly maneuvering at low altitudes means they'll have a lower speed, which you can take advantage of. But be careful when you pull out of your attack – moving at speed makes things harder to control, and the chances are high that you'll imprint your airplane in a stone wall. Bomber targets are located a little further from the gorge: while fighters are busy trading bullets, bombers can decide the course of the battle themselves, methodically dropping bomb after bomb on enemy bases. Fighter, keep an eye on your bombers – both yours and your enemy's!



One of the landscapes in the Metéora​ complex that inspired our artists when they were creating the location.

We truly hope that you like our new Greece map as much as we do. See you in War Thunder 1.63 Desert Hunters and in the skies of Greece! Until next time!

The War Thunder Team!

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