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Ground Forces map changes
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We continue to work on existing maps for ground forces in War Thunder. Our goal is to both improve their overall appearance, and to add various areas of interest - such as additional shelter or places with tactical advantage over enemy forces. We present to you a selection of changes in existing maps::


We have done massive work on the entire western part of Kuban. We have smoothed the general topography of the landscape, resulting in more fluent vehicle travel, as well as removed the hill in the northwest part of the map - now there will be a ravine that you can cross without having to detour instead.

We have also added a stone shelter on a hill overlooking the lake, which will allow tanks with high-profiles to fire at the enemy crossing the path and still to be partially protected from enemy attacks.


Among other things, we have marked rough slopes with rocks that will allow players to see a steep descent much earlier rather than when the player is too close to avoid the danger from it.


The mountain near the northern airfield has been modified to allow easier access to aircraft for landing. However the main focus of the map was to improve the ability to perform a greater variety of tactical maneuvers using ground vehicles. For this reason we have created a fork in the road from the eastern area of spawn, we have also added a convenient pathway to the central elevation from the north-western spawn point.


With Mozdok we are working to change the topography of the map in order to achieve a better balance for a variety of the game modes. To do this, we have altered the terrain of western and central capture pointsused in Arcade mode, as well as the southern capture point, which is used in Realistic battles. The changes are designed to equalize the chances of victory for both teams.

Easter Europe.

We have made a lot of different changes for the Eastern Europe map. We redesigned many areas of the city, added many unique areas and squares, as well as improved performance on the map.

We will continue to improve our maps based on your valid feedback on the forums, so please continue to log your suggestions and we will see you in battle!

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