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Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. - Awards together!
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A Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (Sd.Kfz.234/4) with a tremendous gun, an SPAA on a T-34 chassis, and a  P-43A-1 universal fighter! If you combine your efforts with other participants during “Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.” you will have the chance to receive many more prizes than you would be able to alone: A “United” effort for common goals!

Unlock unique military vehicles during Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
available for participation from the 28th of July to the 28th of August
Note: Marks of Distinction can be purchased up until 4 September at 11:00 GMT

More about the new vehicles:

 Sd.Kfz.234/4 Germany

 P-43А-1 USA

 Type 65 AA USSR

 Ki-94-II Japan

The  Panzerspähwagen — a fast hunter with a deadly 75mm PaK 40 cannon; it leaves its enemies no chance of survival. Many tankers are already familiar with the Panzerspähwagen’s aggressive tactics, which in addition to its fire power, is impressive!

The Lancer — a high altitude interceptor, a long range fighter and an extremely fast aircraft for its time, armed with 4 Browning .50 cal MGs. For the U.S.  this vehicle was a temporary decision before the P-38 appeared. It’s a good fighter without any significant disadvantages.

A Т-34 based SPAA — quite a real threat for you pilots! Good maneuverability, nice armour and a favourable  pair of 37mm AA guns! This SPAA will find its place in the USSR tree. 

A high altitude interceptor of Japan that was designed to engage the most deadly of  American bombers - the B-29. Such an opponent would unlikely allow enemies to close in on it more than once, so the Japanese put a lot into its weaponry - 4 high caliber cannons. And, of course, a very powerful engine which allows impressive speed. 

More about vehicle → More about aircraft → More about vehicle → More about vehicle →
For 7 tanker 
Marks of Distinction
For 7 pilot
Marks of Distinction
For 13 tanker 
Marks of Distinction
For 13 pilot
Marks of Distinction

And other prizes:

Symbol of Great Britain Symbol of Germany Symbol of Japan Symbol of the USA Symbol of the USSR

Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1 Gewehr 41 (Walther) Arisaka Type 44 M1 Carbine SVT-40

Supply box

▪ 50-200% Silver Lions Booster
▪ 50-200% Research Points Booster
▪ х5
random back-ups for ground vehicles or aircraft of rank 2-4
▪ A random talisman   for ground vehicles or aircraft of rank 2-4
▪ A random camouflage  for ground vehicles or aircraft of rank 2-4

5 Decals

“Symbols of nations”


5 Decorations


For every 2
Marks of Distinction
 For every 3
pilot Marks of Distinction
 For every 3
tank Marks of Distinction

Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. - Awards together!

Get more prizes with other War Thunder players! All completed tasks will be shown in the counter on the main page. By accumulating enough tasks together, you will open additional prizes for all participants! Complete more than 3 tasks to increase the overall progress faster!

Total tasks completed:




Special 77% RP booster for 7 battles 2 tasks


In-game title "Follow me, comrades!" 2 Marks of Distinction


Unique player icon 4 Marks of Distinction


Decal "The symbol of Italy"

Decoration "Panzerfaust 60"

6 pilot Marks of Distinction to receive the decal

6 tanker Marks of Distinction to receive the decoration


Camouflage for P-43А-1

Camouflage for Sd.Kfz.234/4 

7 pilot’s marks of distinction

7 tanker’s marks of distinction


Camouflage for Ki-94-II

Camouflage for Type 65 AA

13 pilot’s marks of distinction

13 tanker’s marks of distinction

Be sure to follow the interactive counter on the War Thunder website!


To receive prizes, you will need to collect “Marks of Distinction” by completing specified tasks during random battles. You can complete 3 tasks of your choice from the following 5:

For tankers:   For pilots:
Destroy 40/20/13 enemy vehicles (AB, RB, SB);   Destroy 30/15/10 enemy vehicles (AB, RB, SB);
Get achievement “Supporting fire” (assist a squadmate) 5 times;   Get achievement “Supporting fire” (assist a squadmate) 4 times;
Achieve a score of 2,000 in 8 or more battles (or in 4 battles in RB or SB);   Achieve a score of 2,000 in 7 or more battles (or in 4 battles in RB or SB);
Win 10 battles (activity 70% and more);   Win 10 battles (activity 60% and more);
Destroy 11/6/4 enemies in one battle, whilst controlling ground vehicles.   Destroy 11/3/2 enemies in one battle, whilst controlling aircraft.

To receive a “Mark of Distinction” you need to complete 3 of the 5 tasks.




The required tasks for obtaining the next Mark of Distinction will be updated every two days at 11:00 GMT. Players will be able to earn 15 tanker and pilot Marks of Distinction, and missed Marks of Distinction will be available for purchase in the Achievements tab.


Terms and conditions:

  • You can complete the tasks in random battles (excluding “Enduring Confrontation”). 
  • Tasks can be completed only whilst using vehicles of ranks 3-5
  • To receive one of the tanker or pilot Marks of Distinction, you will need to complete 3 of the 5 listed tasks for the appropriate vehicle type. To receive premium ground vehicles, only tanker Marks of Distinction will be counted. The same similarly applies for pilot Marks of Distinction.
  • You will have 2 days to complete a set of tasks in order to achieve the respective Mark of Distinction. A new set of tasks will begin every 3rd day at 11:00 GMT.
  • For your convenience, any missed Marks of Distinction can be purchased only from the Achievements tab and not from the Item shop.

  • Each purchase of the “Mark of distinction” adds 5 tasks completed to the counter on the website
  • You can follow your progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
  • Camouflages and talismans from supply boxes will only count for already researched vehicles.
  • The counter with the number of completed tasks will be updated once per hour. 
  • The prizes “community earned awards” will be given within 2 days after reaching the corresponding step.

A truly awesome summer - in War Thunder!

The War Thunder Team

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