Make your vehicle more authentic

From now, we will regularly unlock several brand new decals for unlock or purchase but these will only be available for a limited amount of time!


18 January 2017

Has decal
Update 1.65 'Way Of The Samurai' released! (Survey added!)

Big changes for aircraft in the game, new planes, tanks, locations, improved gameplay, release of the game and a lot more. Meet Update 1.65 “Way Of The Samurai”!


20 December 2016

St Andrew’s day

To celebrate St Andrew’s day (the feast of St Andrew) on the 30th of November, The Scottish Saltire will be introduced and available for limited time to buy in the game.


30 November 2016

Extended "Replay Service"

Dear players, recently we introduced a new “Replay service” as part of continued development of social and game functions of the project.


23 November 2016

Invite a friend - get a reward and share your stories!

If you have a nice story about you and your friends playing War Thunder together, share it with us in the comment section! Don't forget to get your own referral link to invite your friends - you can get rewarded with Silver Lions and Golden Eagles for each and every friend that reaches a specific  ranks in War Thunder.


16 November 2016

War Conflict released for iOS and Android

Meet War Conflict, the brand new WW2 strategy war game for iOS and Android devices! Build your base of operations, develop your arsenal of vehicles and fight other players in real-time tactical battles!


5 November 2016

Update 1.63 'Desert Hunters' released! (survey added)

23 new and improved vehicles, two locations, High-resolution Texture Streaming and many other novelty changes. Meet Update 1.63 “Desert Hunters”!


30 September 2016

War Thunder features LG at IFA 2016

War Thunder joins forces with LG Electronics to show-off what next-gen gaming can look like - live now, at the IFA 2016!

5 September 2016

Naval Battles in War Thunder: New Wallpapers

Now you can compare the sizes of the ships, which are already presented in the devblogs with another armored vehicles in War Thunder. 


31 August 2016

Interview with Saburo Sakai

How much do you know about aces, engineers and historical characters? Usually our knowledge is limited to such sources as online encyclopedias and short notes in a game’s news. One of our War Thunder players decided to share knowledge with you, we are extremely grateful and we hope you will be too.


26 August 2016

Petlyakov - Chronicle of a Dive Bomber

For the anniversary of the birth of Soviet aircraft engineer Vladimir Mikhailovich Petlyakov, we are introducing a new single player mission "Chronicle of a dive bomber".


27 June 2016

T-44 decal - “Znamensky”

Warriors, the time has come for this tank to make itself known in War Thunder as well. We’re introducing the Znamensky decal to the game. Any tanker will be able to use it to recreate the appearance of the restored tank in War Thunder.


23 June 2016



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