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How can you get premium vehicles? Warbonds!
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Chi-Nu II and many more awards are waiting for you!
For the first time in Warbonds - Chi-Nu II - Premium Japanese Tank!

We continue our tradition and present to you once again, an updated assortment of Warbonds for March.  Everything is as before: fulfill Battle Tasks, earn Warbonds, improve the shop and get the rewards.

Good news! We have extended the possibility of obtaining Warbonds until the 3rd of April inclusive. Of course, you will have the chance to spend them until the 10th of April. This is a great opportunity to catch up if you did not have time to earn Warbonds for certain items.

In developing this aircraft, the Bell designers came up against two global problems. The first was that the P-39 was intended for export, and there was no way around this. The impossibility of fitting a turbo compressor to the low-altitude Allison engine (for fully explicable reasons) was one reason why the aircraft was never able to achieve a worthy place in the US air forces. The nature of air combat, both in Europe and the Far East, prevented the P-39 from making use of its advantages, while it was not possible to rectify its main drawback - its poor high-speed performance - because of the ban on exporting turbo compressors outside the USA. The P39K differed from the earlier models in its engine, the Allison V-1710-63. It was fitted with an afterburner system. It developed a nominal power of 1352 h.p. and 1550 h.p. in WEP (War Emergency Power) mode. The K series was the only one fitted with such an engine along with a three-bladed Aeroprop propeller. It was a full 360 kg heavier than the D-2, although externally, apart from the propeller, there was no visible difference. In fact, the extra weight was due to additional armor plating, which was used beginning with the K and on all subsequent series. Altogether, by August 1941, 210 examples of the series K-1-BE, K-2-BE and K-5-BE, which were virtually identical, were built. Forty of them were sent to the USSR.
In 1942, Japan had begun development of new tanks to deploy onto the battlefield. However, these new tanks would take considerable time to produce, and Japan needed a quicker solution. As a result, the Chi-Nu would undergo many design changes. All of these changes had the single goal of mounting the Type 5 75mm cannon on a chassis that was easily mass-produced and which would require little or no change of existing production capability. The Type 3 Chi-Nu was designed with a Type 3 75mm tank cannon, derived from the dated Type 90 field artillery. While it proved sufficient against armoured targets such as the M4 Sherman, it was barely acceptable and needed to be replaced. At the time, tanks such as the Chi-To and Chi-Ri II, both of which players have received a taste of, were designed to use a new, long barrelled 75mm gun: the Type 5. Japan installed a prototype turret from the Chi-To onto the chassis of the Chi-Nu for testing purposes, labeling it the Chi-Nu Kai, with the tank performing a series of tasks at the Iyo Lake shooting grounds in Japan. The prototype proved successful in these trials and was accepted for use. The Chi-Nu turret was also re-designed for the Type 5 75mm gun, and this variant would become the Chi-Nu II. Only a few units with the gun had been produced by the time the war ended, however, none saw service.

Detailed list of the Warbond items in the shop this month:

🔸Premium vehicles:

  • P-39K-1 (USSR);
  • Bf 109F-4 (USA);
  • T-34-747(r) (Germany);
  • Chi-Nu II (Japan);
  • Avenger Mk.II (Britain).

🔸Decal "Spades" personal motif of Lt Alexander Filatov, 30th GvIAP, 1944

  • Decal by Colin 'Fenris' Muir.

🔸3d decorations ( Road Signs).

🔸3d decorations (Camouflage).

🔸Supply boxes with RP and SL boosters:

  •   30%, 60%, 90%, 300%,  600%, 900%,  RP and SL for 1 battle;

🔸Vehicle rent:

  • Cromwell RP-3, Bfw. Jagdpanther, J2M5, M46 «Tiger», Т-34-100;

🔸“Order” trophies.​

🔸Trophy “Avatar for tankers”.

🔸Sets of universal back-up vehicles. A player can activate this item to backup any one vehicle of their choice.

Decal "Spades" personal motif of Lt Alexander Filatov, 30th GvIAP, 1944
Decal by Colin 'Fenris' Muir. 
Where can you find Warbonds??

Click on the 'Daily Tasks' icon from the War Thunder in-game hangar.



On the menu that opens, click on the 'Warbond Shop' icon in the bottom right corner.



You can now view the range of Warbonds available by clicking on on the various icons.
Purchases can be made with the 'Purchase' icon in the bottom right corner.


Battle tasks: These individual tasks bring variety to your gameplay and prevent situations where all the players in a battle try to complete one specific task, effectively ignoring mission objectives that are needed for a victory. They are available for players that have reached the 3rd rank of any nation. On completion, players will receive Silver Lions, and Warbonds - a special in-game currency with their own specific shop, where you can purchase many different items.

You can read more about battle tasks and war bonds in our devblog and on War Thunder wiki.

The War Thunder Team


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