14 November 2017

French aircraft available for everyone (updated list)

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Fighters! In the upcoming update 1.73 “Vive la France” we have reinforcements for the Allied troops. Meet the French in War Thunder!

There are not that many possibilities where an experienced pilot gets an opportunity to evaluate the French Air Force. But you now have these opportunities! Join the tester team and be one of the first who can try out the creations of the French engineers in War Thunder

French aircraft available for everyone

These are all vehicles which will be available for research and purchase for non testers.

Full French aircraft research tree

Already available:
  • D.371
  • D.373
  • D.500
  • D.501
  • C.R.714
  • M.S.410
  • F.222.2
  • NC.223.3
  • Potez 630
  • Potez 631
  • Potez 633

Become a tester for French aircraft

        Choose one of the methods and get the status of tester, this will allow you to research any French aircraft without any restrictions and will open for you a unique forum status and tester reward.

Purchase one of the French aircraft packs

Dewoitine D.371 H.S.9 Starter Pack


Narval Advanced Pack


This pack includes:

D.371 aircraft (Rank 1 France)

7 days of premium account

500 Golden Eagles

French planes closed beta access.


This pack includes:

SO.8000 Narval aircraft (Rank 4 France)

15 days of premium account

1000 Golden Eagles

French planes closed beta access.

9.99   29.99

Complete special tasks to join the tester team

Get 5 wins each day in any rank III-V aircraft with an activity of more than 65% to get Marianna's coins.

Earn 12 from 40 coins and join the Tester team for the French air forces!


  • Tasks will be counted from 09:00 GMT every day and ends at the same time on following day.
  • You can earn only one coin daily.


Marianna's coins.

Vive la France!

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