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Join the OBT of Gaijin's Livestream Studio


The next stream starts today at 12:00 GMT - make sure to join us!

Hello friends! We are pleased to announce the launch of the open beta for Gaijin's own livestream studio! Come on over to check out our friendly live shows where we discuss all things War Thunder.

Every week we'll be making live broadcasts, with unique challenges, news, info and special guests, including developers and bloggers! Subscribe to our channel on Youtube and Twitch, but don't forget to enable notifications so you don't miss the next stream. Our seasoned host Shawn Gizatulin will do his best to keep you entertained, oh and hey - we have gifts to giveaway, too!

Special thanks to our livestream partners:

  • 🎥 High performance gaming computers running GeForce GTX 1080 Ti by NVIDIA ensure that our game is broadcast in best visual quality possible.
  • 🎥 AOC AGON AG241QG 165hz/1ms displays enable our hosts to react to the game with lightning speed.
  • 🎥 Gaming mice by Basilisk, keyboards by BlackWidow and Kraken headsets by Razer guarantee your superiority in any and all multiplayer battles.
  • 🎥 ThunderX3 Gaming chairs let you play in comfort for extended sessions.

The War Thunder Team

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