A Centenary of Poland Regaining Independence
November 11th is a very special day in the hearts of the Polish People. Exactly 100 years ago Poland regained its independence. After 123 years this brave country has returned on to world maps. To celebrate this significant anniversary, we have prepared something special for all of you!

9 November 2018

Answers from the developers
Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

9 November 2018

AH-1Z vs Mi-35
This time it’s not tanks, not planes...and not even ships that we’re going to compare. The helicopters are here...and what helicopters! Two top tier machines are competing today: the Russian Mi-35...and the American AH-1Z.

6 November 2018

Get Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog for War Thunder's birthday - winners announced
Pilots, tank commanders and captains of War Thunder! War Thunder's 6th Anniversary is here and it is time to treat our community with a help from our friends over at Thrustmaster.

5 November 2018

The Shooting Range 120
You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and aspiring Captains in War Thunder.

4 November 2018

Thunder Stories: Never in a hurri
In this video, Bruce Grant, the voice of the English version of the Shooting Range and many of our other videos, tells a story of his father, a WWII veteran, who happened to work with the legendary Hurricane aircraft in Egypt.

3 November 2018

Thunder Show: Deadly draft
It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.

2 November 2018

War Thunder’s achievements throughout the years!
War Thunder is already 6 years of age! In addition to the time we’ve spent together, it’s also a great chance to look back on the 6 years’ worth of milestones and developments we’ve achieved, which are enjoyed by millions of players around the world! Thank you for your kind birthday wishes!

1 November 2018

War Thunder’s 6th Birthday Tournaments
Pilots and tankers! Take part in the special Tournaments during November 2018 on the dedicated to 6 year anniversary of War Thunder and get a chance to win the coupon for the very rare E-100 tank or the “Volksjäger” He 162 A1 “Salamander” or both!

1 November 2018

Using helicopters in combat 101
Last episode we learned how to fly these majestic birds. This time let’s talk combat!

31 October 2018

How can you get premium vehicles? Warbonds!
We present to you with a festive assortment of Warbond shop items for November. Fulfill Battle Tasks, earn warbonds, improve the shop level and unlock rewards!

31 October 2018

Has decal
Halloween in War Thunder!
According to old beliefs, evil spirits, during the night of the 1st of November, might do more than just interfere with your shells; so, wouldn’t it be fitting if you were to take the place of these evil spirits? Take part in spooky races in the sky, and on the ground, to win some prizes!

30 October 2018

Has decal


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