War Thunder 5 years!
An impressive number, isn’t it? November the first is getting closer - the day when we reach the age of five. This was possible only thanks to your support and we endeavour to make this date special for you too!

1 November 2017

Hurry up and get rare packs!
To celebrate the fifth anniversary of War Thunder, we are offering 50% discount for all vehicle packs in the store!

1 November 2017

Halloween (Update - winners list!)
Take part in races in the air and on the ground, get “Witch's Cauldron” trophy with 3D Decorations and decals!

28 October 2017

Friday the 13th: True Slasher

Friday the 13th. This day is veiled by dark prejudices and mysteries. Turn this day into a true nightmare for your enemies! Slash your opponents in random battles to get grim prizes!


13 October 2017

German Unity Day

From 14:00 GMT on the 3rd of October until 09:00 GMT on the 5th of October - activate a code and receive the Bf 109A Flegel or the Pz.II DAK.


3 October 2017

US Air Force day - get the XF5F Skyrocket

Are you fond of U.S. aircraft? Don’t miss your chance to get a rank III gift XF5F Skyrocket. Complete tasks of the special to receive a gift U.S. fighter and unique decals.


19 September 2017

The La-174 is back!

Do not miss your chance to research and buy a rare jet fighter - the La-174 !


11 September 2017

Russian Air Force 105th anniversary

August 12th is the official day of Russian Air Force. From all of us at Gaijin: We wish you blue skies, a reliable engine and a good landing which you can walk away from!


11 August 2017

Air race in the Guiana Highlands

Let’s race! A new track in the Guiana Highlands location. Our player Alexey aka  _Gilard_ has created the longest track that is not looped. Be ready for unexpected turns, use the map wisely and don’t use 100% throttle.


26 May 2017

War Thunder Chronicles

On the eve of the Day of Victory on the 9th of May you will be able to tread the path of glory, use your skills and get rewards that are worthy of real winners! WWII chronicles has begun!


5 May 2017

Has decal
Valentine's Day

Dear players, Valentine’s day in War Thunder will bring more love - and you may share it with others and win valuable prizes!


14 February 2017

Seasonal Sizzlers in War Thunder

2017 is on its way! The entire War Thunder team wishes you a great time and invites you to include your favourite game as part of the fun!


30 December 2016



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