Operation F.R.O.S.T.
2020 comes for all our players whether you are a pilot, a tanker or a sailor and therefore everyone deserves worthy gifts and awards! Join Operation F.R.O.S.T..
Gaijin's CCO Kirill Yudintsev answers tough questions
Gaijin's CCO Kirill Yudintsev answers tough questions!
War Thunder reaches its 7th year!
War Thunder is now 7 years old and it’s time to celebrate!
Operation “Shipyard”: Exchanging materials
The materials in operation “Shipyard” can now be not only traded on the market but also can be used to help you to win additional prizes or exchanged for warbonds.
German Unity Day
Today we celebrate Germany Unity Day with all our friends from Germany!
Operation “Shipyard”
Assemble the MBK-161 armoured boats and exchange them for the VT1-2 tank, the Whirlwind P.9 fighter and the H-34 helicopter!
US Air Force day
Today marks the official 72nd Anniversary of the U.S. Air Force! Win battles using US aircraft and receive one of 3 memorable decals.
Tankers’ Day: celebrate with us!
Participate in the Tankers’ Day celebration with special events and random battles, and become the owner of decal and decorations! 
Operation H.E.A.T.
How is the water, warriors? It is very important because, this summer, we will meet our comrades-in-arms - the commanders of naval vessels who will join our tankers and pilots in the big summer event. Operation H.E.A.T. begins!
Meltdown Discounts
While the temperature outside creeps up, the prices in War Thunder are going down. We are starting big with a very nice discount! Restock your hangar with new vehicles and be prepared for summer!
Victory Day!
Today we commemorate "VE Day", also known as "Victory in Europe Day". Check out what we've prepared and celebrate this special day with us in War Thunder!
Battlefield Engineer!
Restore the rare fighter - the I-180S and trade it for the VFW SPG, Pr.122bis submarine chaser, the Ju 388 J  interceptor, the Merkava Mk.1 MBT or the light cruiser HMS Tiger.
Earth Thunder: We are not their playthings!
We called it “conspiracy theories” but it turned out to be true. The US city of Green Hills has become the scene of an intergalactic cyber-sports game in which aliens use humans as pilots of alien war machines. We need to know the truth!
“Spring camo” contest results
Spring has sprung! So it's time to dress your vehicle in some bright clothes. We are really impressed by your work – that's why we have decided to increase the “jury” reward from 7 to 15 days of Premium!
Valentine's day with War Thunder!
Valentine’s day in War Thunder will bring more love - and you may share it with others and win valuable prizes!
  • 24
  • 14 February 2019
Festive delivery
Tonight Santa has been in a huge rush, and accidentally lost his bag! All his presents fell into water! Two teams of Christmas elves are here to help Santa!
  • 52
  • 28 December 2018
War Thunder winter sale!
Buy unique bundles with 50% discount!
  • 27 December 2018
Festive Quest
Christmas tree, toys and lights - this is the way to victory of the new year over the outgoing one! And only together we are able to find and collect them all in this Festive Quest!


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