Tigre destroyer: Recruit Instructor
A pre-war Leone class destroyer equipped with multiple good guns and heavy AA artillery.
“Export Order”: F-5A (USA)
An export version of the Freedom Fighter in service with the United States Air Force will become one of the main prizes of the “Export Order” crafting event!
"Export Order": Pansarbil m/40
The Pansarbil m/40 is a Swedish armored car, originally developed by the AB Landsverk company for the Danish Army. Soon, tankers in War Thunder will have the chance to add this unique vehicle to their Swedish ground forces collection by taking part in the upcoming crafting event!
  • 87
  • 20 September 2021
“Export Order”: PT-16/T14 mod
The PT-16/T14 mod is a later prototype of the current generation German MBT, featuring an autoloading mechanism. German tankers in War Thunder will soon have the chance to add this experimental version of one of the most well-known German fighting vehicles by taking part in the upcoming crafting event!
“Export Order”: Destroyer HMS Mohawk
HMS Mohawk, a Tribal-class destroyer, comes as one of the prizes of the “Export Order” craft event!
  • 72
  • 16 September 2021
Tu-1: the Tzar of Heavy Gunners
A new premium strike aircraft in the Soviet lineup, featuring devastating guns and a heavy bomb load. The perfect addition for mixed and naval battles at mid tiers!
  • 22
  • 7 September 2021
Updated models for "Flying Fortresses"
The iconic Boeing B-17 bombers will receive an updated exterior in the upcoming Direct Hit update!
  • 74
  • 3 September 2021
Updates to Japanese Ground Forces: New Vehicles, Camouflages & More
In the next major update coming to War Thunder, the Japanese ground forces tree will see several highly anticipated new additions and changes being implemented. In today’s devblog, we will showcase some of the most notable changes coming with the upcoming major update - let’s have a look!
C13 T90: Senior Scout
The C13 is an IFV developed by OTO Melara with the aim of producing a replacement to the outdated M113 APC in service with Italian forces at the time. Soon, tankers in War Thunder will get the chance to command yet another excellent light vehicle arriving to the higher ranks of Italian ground forces tree as part of the next major update!
  • 87
  • 2 September 2021
BV 138 C-1: Ship of the sky
The BV 138 is a German WWII flying boat, developed in the late 1930s as a replacement to the outdated Dornier Do 18. Being one of the most widely used German flying boats of the war, pilots will now finally have the chance to take control over this unique aircraft as it arrives to War Thunder as part of the major update "Direct Hit"!
  • 71
  • 1 September 2021
USS Pittsburgh: The Longest Ship in the World
USS Pittsburgh is an American heavy cruiser of the Baltimore-class which entered service with the U.S. Navy in the final years of WWII. Inheriting the class’ signature combination of firepower, protection and mobility, USS Pittsburgh is arriving to War Thunder naval forces as the new top American cruiser with the next major update!
Avro Shackleton MR Mk.2: The Flight of A Thousand Rivets
The Avro Shackleton is a long-range, multipurpose maritime patrol aircraft, built as a counter to the increasing threat of Soviet submarines in the early days of the Cold War. All War Thunder pilots and fans of British aviation may look forward to having the chance to pilot the beautiful Shackleton, coming to the game with the update “Direct Hit”!
Dynamics of War Thunder missiles
In the upcoming update, we will specify the dynamic characteristics of missiles, which will primarily affect the SACLOS/MCLOS ATGM and SAM.
Perfect interceptor JA37C Jaktviggen and Premium J35A Draken
JA37 - new Swedish jet fighter from the noble Viggen family. Perfect flight and combat abilities!
MiG-27M and guided bombs in War Thunder!
An excellent fighter bomber aircraft in the Soviet tech tree and a new type of smart weapons are coming to War Thunder!
New Locations & Updated Test Drive
Along with an abundance of new vehicles and features, the next major War Thunder update will also introduce two new locations for combined battles as well as an updated test drive environment for tankers. Today we would like to tell you more about these so let’s dive right into the details!
2S25 Sprut-SD: anti-tank paratrooper
The 2S25 Sprut-SD self-propelled amphibious assault gun is a new top-end light tank in the USSR / RF armored vehicle research tree.
Vickers Mk.3: handy upgrades
The Vickers Mk.3 is a further developed variant of the Vickers MBT, already familiar to tankers and fans of British armour in the game. Sporting notable improvements in mobility, the Vickers Mk.3 will soon become available to all tankers in War Thunder as it arrives as part of the next major update!


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