Caudron CR.714: Racing Breed

The Caudron CR.714 is a lightweight, pre-WW2 fighter aircraft, developed to be mass produced quickly and at low cost, in hopes of increasing the number of aircraft available to the French Air Force.


19 October 2017

Potez P.631: Attacker’s Apprentice

The Potez P.630 and P.631 are sibling heavy fighter designs, developed in the mid 1930s for the French military. At the outbreak of WW2, this aircraft, along with several others, formed the backbone of the French air force at the time.


17 October 2017

Answers from developers!

It's time for another round of Questions and Answers!


12 October 2017

Dewoitine D.371: Aerial Trickster (Pre-Order available)

We’re starting a series of developer diaries about the French military aircraft that will appear in update 1.73! The D.371 monoplane was one of the first attempts by French aircraft designers to create a next-generation airplane that significantly outclassed the good old biplanes of the First World War.


11 October 2017

Shell and bullet synchronization

In the recent update we implemented changes that will significantly improve shell (bullet) synchronization between a client and the server.


6 October 2017

Answers from developers!

It's time for another round of Questions and Answers!


29 September 2017

Object 120 “Taran”: The Hammer of Tanks

Today we’re going to tell you about another premium rank V ground vehicle in update 1.71 New E.R.A – the experimental Soviet SPG Object 120 “Taran”, with the longest and possibly the most powerful cannon in the game!


26 September 2017

Revenue Share program - Po-2 cockpit

In “The New Era” we did not forget about some of our older vehicles: A Po-2 cockpit which has been created by our players will be implemented in the game with this major update with help from our Revenue Share program!


16 September 2017

D4Y Suisei - Light ‘Em Up

In War Thunder’s upcoming major update 1.71 “New E.R.A”, pilots will have the chance to try out the worthy successor to the legendary D3A carrier dive bomber. Welcome two versions of Japan’s best late-war naval dive bomber - the D4Y Suisei!​


15 September 2017

P-51H Mustang: Winged Perfection

The H variant of the famous P-51 Mustang was the most technologically advanced, top-performing and final mass-produced Mustang modification of the series.


14 September 2017

FV102 Striker: Five Missile Death Punch

Developed as part of a family of British lightly armoured fighting vehicles, the FV102 Striker served as an ATGM missile carrier with the British army right up until the early 2000s and now, he’s getting ready to soon join the fight against some of the top-performing steel beasts in War Thunder’s 1.71 Update!


13 September 2017

F4U Corsair: Sky pirates are back!

In the upcoming War Thunder update 1.71 “New E.R.A.” we present two new fighters and a complete remodeling of the legendary Corsair series.


11 September 2017