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North Holland: A New Location for Ground Battles!

Meet North Holland!

We’ve taken Eastern Europe, one of War Thunder’s most popular ground forces maps according to the number of likes, and created North Holland based on it, set in the Zaandam region.

In this location are similar spawn points and routes to capture points, plus a canal that cuts through the city, which can be driven-through as the water is not too deep. You’ll be familiar with the general gameplay, timings and layout of this map, but the differences are that it has been transformed 50 years into the future, giving it a modernized touch. Additionally, the largest mission on this map is still not as large as European Province, but overall will still be more spacious for higher ranks.


Driving through the city, you’ll be greeted with modern looking buildings and cars. Near the middle is a large mall that you’ll be able to drive through with your vehicles, knocking down broken walls, allowing you to have some interesting encounters with the enemy!


Near one area are red street lamps that illuminate the surrounding buildings, creating an atmospheric scene. All-in-all, this new location features streets and open fields, overall making it great for short, medium and long-range combat engagements.


North Holland is going to be part of the map rotation when the Alpha Strike major update releases. Be on the look out and give it a try!

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