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Option for Smaller Team Sizes in Air Realistic Battles

We’ve been made aware of many of your requests for smaller teams in Air Realistic Battles as 16v16 teams are sometimes overwhelming in terms of the number of missiles at once.

With the release of the upcoming major update, we’ll be adding an option to the Air Realistic Battles game selection window where you’ll be able to turn on smaller team sizes.

This mechanic works in the same way as turning on the option for night battles: if there’s enough players in the queue with this option enabled, you’ll have a chance of getting into an air battle with smaller team sizes.

When this option is enabled, you’ll have the chance of getting into a battle with smaller team sizes (min - max: 6 - 12) instead of a regular battle (min - max: 6 - 16). Further adjustments in the future are possible depending on how sessions go.

This will only be for aircraft with a Battle Rating of 10.0 or higher, where high-end air-to-air missiles are far more prevalent.

Thank you for your feedback on this and we hope that this option for smaller teams will make your experience in Air Realistic Battles more enjoyable. Be sure to enable this option with the release of the major update!

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