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The War Thunder Roadmap for Spring to Summer 2024

Hey everyone! We’ve finished processing your feedback and are ready to present the next Roadmap. Let’s first start by saying that this list contains only a part of all changes and new features that we’re planning to add to the game in the first part of 2024. This list does not affect the addition of new types of weapons and vehicles, some mechanics and gamemodes, as well as graphic improvements. We’re planning to present these improvements separately, where we’ll talk about them when they’re ready.


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This Roadmap presents you with the changes and improvements that we plan to add to War Thunder from the Spring leading up to the Summer. If all features have been implemented, we’ll again ask for feedback from the community so that we can create another list for a new Roadmap until the end of 2024.

We’d also like to note that game development takes time and within the Roadmap are quite a few complex features, meaning some of them may not be able to meet the planned date that we’ve set for them. The opposite may be true as well — where if some features are good to go before the planned date, we’ll release them as soon as they’re ready.

Game Mechanics and Gameplay

In terms of game mechanics, we’re working on a lengthy list of new changes and additions.

Let’s go through them. In the first major update of 2024, we’re planning to introduce new tutorial missions for controlling technically complex types of aircraft weaponry such as guided missiles and bombs with laser seekers, as well as missiles with TV and thermal imaging heads. In addition to this for the first update, if we’re able to develop it on time and within existing constraints, we’ll be implementing an aircraft fuel slider and will solve the issue of duplicating researchable and default air-launched missiles in the weapons selector menu.

For ground force players, the first major update of the year will bring improvements to the synchronization of the destruction of objects on ground maps — fences, bushes and other objects will be destroyed first on the player’s side, and then server-side for all players.

We’re also planning to introduce detection of enemy aircraft at aircraft spawn points in Ground Realistic Battles, just like how it works for ground vehicle spawn zones. The mechanics for replenishing at capture points in ground battles will be reworked too: vehicles that can currently replenish rounds, missiles and rockets only after they are completely used up will have the ability to replenish any missing ones that have been used. The replenishment times of all rounds, missiles and rockets will be revised to improve on the overall dynamics of battles. In addition to this, the replenish action will not instantly be reset when moving in and out of a capture point.

The second major update of the year may bring in new effects to the game regarding damage to ground vehicle crews — shell shock for gunners and commanders, the occurrence of a new type of fire: one that can start in the fighting compartment, and so on. In addition to this, it may be possible to heal ground crew members that were wounded in battle. We say “may” because we’ll be working on these new features and before releasing them, we’ll be publishing a series of Development Blogs to present our design, with polls so that you can vote and let us know if you like the idea or not.

For aircraft players, we’re planning on implementing the separate use of Flares and Chaff. More Air Conquest missions will appear in the Air Arcade gamemode with a respawn zone protected by anti-aircraft guns. The same update should include a division of the Battle Rating of vehicles by mode — for example, some attack aircraft will be given a different Battle Rating in ground and air battles. We’re also planning to complete the work being done on updating crew character models with era based military equipment, as well as adding new models for crews for more modern vehicles.

In this year’s summer update, you’ll have the opportunity to recycle inventory items that you no longer need (orders, wagers, boosters, backups) into other random items, and we’re planning to complete work on updating the damage model for helicopters. The ability to control the types of fuzes for ammunition while in battle will also be added — you’ll be able to turn the radio fuze on or off, and change the high-explosive and fragmentation settings.

We’re also planning to implement mechanics for saving aircraft at an exit zone: for air events in Ground Arcade Battles with a random reward (mission points, Silver Lions, air event points or artillery), which will also be included in World War mode with an instant Silver Lion reward for saving an aircraft instead of making the next respawn cheaper.

We’ll announce in advance our plans to correct the scattering scenarios of APHE shell fragments while keeping the head of the projectile on the trajectory after armor penetration, where if you vote for these changes, they’ll be appearing in the game in the summer. In addition to this, we’ll have a vote on whether or not it would be useful to add the ability to build trenches and replenishment zones to ground vehicles that have a limited amount of ammunition for their primary weapons (some SPGs, anti-aircraft and air defense vehicles). We’re looking for your input here: many planned features will only appear in the game after an approved vote — stay tuned for further news regarding this.


For planned economy changes, we’d like to highlight an important improvement from the previous Roadmap. This is the research bonuses for new nations that we want to implement in the second major update of this year. Thanks for your patience on this one.


We’ve received many requests and wishes from you concerning the game’s interface, so here are some improvements that we’re preparing. For the first major update of 2024, the killfeed in battle will be improved — you’ll be able to enable and disable nicknames, squadrons and the type of weapon used to destroy another player and so on. The second major update will add changes to the game, such as a visual selector that will have quick selection for secondary weapons, a timer with the time left before ammunition (missiles and bombs) hits their target, as well as the ability to drag and and drop vehicles from research trees into a crewslot and changing the order of crew slots.

For the summer update, a new aiming reticle is planned for modern ground vehicles, plus improved indicators for the operation of vehicle systems. And lastly, you’ll receive notifications if a player that you reported was banned.

Social Features

War Thunder has always primarily been a team game, where teamwork without communication is really difficult. New social features will make your communication easier and your public profiles much cooler than before. First of all, we’re planning on introducing an integration of the Steam friends list into the in-game client, and a wishlist, where you’ll be able to wish for things you want with the ability to gift others through this wishlist too. These features should be ready in time for the first major update of the year.

In the second major update of the year, team mechanics will be improved and a search for squads based on interests will be added. In the summer, we’ll be introducing customizable options to the player card window, the addition of a mini-card as a tooltip in the statistics window and when you destroy another player, you’ll be able to show off your awesome profile in the vehicle destruction replay camera.

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