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New effects in the La Royale update

La Royale is almost completed! Today we show some visual improvements and new mechanics that will make War Thunder look even better!

Missile incoming

For the La Royale update, we not only updated flight physics for most anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, but also completely redid the flight effects for all missiles in the game. So, for example, the jet flame and smoke effects of missile engines have improved, and for supersonic missiles the “Mach diamonds” effect has been added. For multi-engine missiles we added authentic effects when minor engines run, as well as adjust their positions.


Some wire-guided ATGMs now have a wire trailing behind them. Missile tracers were also completely redone. Check this out!


Hit marks from high-explosive shells will be more realistic. Thus, direct hits of HE rounds and their close detonations now leave on the armor not only an impact mark, but also traces of fragments with their shape depending on the material of the part where the fragments hit. Works for artillery as well!

Also, there are new hit marks from the fin-stabilized armor penetration rounds, with the ‘star’ of the fins around the penetration hole if a tank was hit orthogonally.

Heat it up

The radiator has become a functional module in the damage model of armored vehicles. A damaged radiator emits streams of white steam from boiling cooling liquid. The engine will continue to work, but due to overheating it can quickly fail. It is high time to shelter and repair!

Air beauty

War Thunder aircraft are also receiving some visual improvements. All jet pilots will see new afterburner effects. The visual effects of flares have been updated, now they fire off with the effect of beautiful smoky arcs, it looks really better now! Also, we implemented a unique ejection system for the Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopters: explosive charges fire off the main rotor blades, and the pilot's seat is pulled out by a special rocket catapult. This is a must see!

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