New Locations: “Franz Josef Land” with new fortification mechanics

The abandoned frozen waters of Franz Josef Land welcome our captains! Meet the first location with destructible fortifications!

"Franz Josef Land"

The new location for naval battles called “Franz Josef Land” will become one of the northernmost locations in War Thunder. Here, players will witness the harsh lifeless expanses of plateau-like islands covered with basalt and permafrost glaciers. But even these uninhabitable islands have been mastered by man. Here you can find two polar stations, military bases, as well as a few abandoned villages.

In the Dominance mode for this location, we plan to add fortifications with a different set of weapons that provide fire support for bases. Destruction of such fortifications will grant players additional points. We want to make naval battles more varied and dynamic, and we're interested in your opinion of the new gameplay option. We look forward to your feedback as soon as the update is released!

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