Wiki Review: CV 90105 XC-8 and its decal

Up till March 27th (20:00 GMT) get a special decal “Wiki Approved: CV 90105 XC-8” by purchasing the CV 90105 XC-8 Pack.


The possibilities are infinite! The Swedish CV 90105 light tank, introduced to the game in the’ Viking Fury’ update, has been upgraded in the Drone Age update with a modern XC-8 turret with new fire control system and autoloader, resulting in much better fire rate.

Being lightly armored, the CV 90105 XC-8 is very agile and capable of flanking enemies easily. A quality thermal vision device and deadly arsenal allow the light tank to hit enemies hard unawares and slip away from the counter attack. This tank is a true tactician, possessing a good choice of shells and able to wisely use the terrain to its advantage.

The CV90105 XC-8 is living proof that even a good modern vehicle might be better! Learn more about this amazing vehicle from our Wiki review!

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