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It’s fixed! №69

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder in the website special section.

Expanded interface settings


In the last “It’s fixed” we talked in detail about the updated reward system for useful actions in battles. Now we have added messages about any received rewards: now it will be easier to see the rewards for each time interval in aircraft SB and also when the current interval ends and the next one begins.

At the same time we understand that not everyone wants to see a large number of notifications so you can turn off these messages in the section in settings “Battle Interface”. Not only this! Now you can also hide the orders panel, the log of destroyed vehicles and the chat.

Fixed lead markers


After the release of the “Apex Predators” update, SPAAGs appeared to have problems with their lead markers. For example when capturing an air target, the radar refused to tell you the trajectory of the enemy at long range. The lead marker appeared only when the enemy approached a distance of 3 kilometres.

Also SPAAGs that had no cannon armament, had a lead marker although they didn't need it at all. We found the cause of these problems and fixed it.

Improved onboard radar for aircraft


Several improvements in this update affected onboard radars for some aircraft. This increased the reliability in the air target tracking mode and also improved the transition from detection to capturing.

On the MiG-23, MiG-29, F-16, Ja-37 and Mirage F1 the range of target capture in a long-range air battle has been increased in range. Let us figure out how it works. When the target is detected by radar we get one label with its range and direction. At the moment, when the radar beam “slides” along it and when we need to capture and track the target, the radar conducts an additional search at the specified angular coordinates and within a specific span of ranges to the target - this same span of ranges has been expanded so that the target is more likely to be in the desired area and able to be tracked.

R-23R, R-24R, R-27R, AIM-7, Skyflash and the Rb71 missiles are now much less likely to target other targets. When the radar captures a target and “highlights” with the homing head of the missile, at the same time (as in reality) it highlights with the main lobe of the radar pattern on the selected target and the side lobes (in this case the radiation of the radar is weaker and not the directed one) can highlight other targets and if such a target it closer than the one the radar has captured but along the line of the missile’s flight path and has higher speed, the missile has been directed to this target. To a player it looks like “the missile went crazy” and hit the wrong target which has inadvertently been captured.

We have reduced the range of speeds in which a radio guided missile searches for the target, so they won’t see “unnecessary” targets. The other side of this change is the possible loss of a target if it suddenly changes speed when the missile is launched at it.

Underground airfield


In the “Finland '' and “Ash river” locations in combined battles (for aircraft and ground vehicles), an aircraft might receive damage when it appears on the airfield. The point was that due to an error, the model of interactions with surrounding objects for this airfield could be above ground level.

The bug has been fixed, so for now all carriers of nuclear weapons and other aircraft can take off from the airfield.

Decal exchange

When a vehicle’s hull has been penetrated it shows characteristic damage decals: for example holes in the aluminium skin of the aircraft. And then an unusual mashup happened: because of the bug, armour and aircraft damage decals might be displayed not only on their own type of vehicles, but also on the other one: aircraft ‘glittered’ with penetrated armour and in ground vehicles with aluminium. Damage decals also flickered with camera rotation by drawing attention to themselves.

That's enough of the twinkling. Now the damage effects are as they should be.

That’s Not All

You’ll find the full list of improvements in the separate changelog - there are many interesting things there. We have reduced the frequency of ship voice commands, fixed the ability of incapacitated crew members to perform actions and improved the sound of automatic cannons for fleet and ground vehicles.


Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.

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