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In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder in the website special section.

From an unexpected angle


Tankers used to feel safe behind heavy armour. And how surprised they were when shrapnel from a shell that had not penetrated the armour penetrated the interior compartments of the vehicle! What on earth was that?

This is a bug for sure. Shells hitting the tank’s hull at sharp angles sent their shrapnel inside ignoring the armour. You’ve noticed that and passed it to us in many reports about this issue and now we are reporting back that we have solved it.. Heavy armour is ready to protect you once again!



In many aviation missions, players face AI controlled anti-aircraft guns: these can be air defence of ships or anti-aircraft guns protecting vehicle convoys or other ground targets. And sometimes an unpleasant situation happens: you are flying over the ship and a second later your aircraft is already critically damaged - the air defence hit the target.

It is quite frustrating when it isn’t another player that shoots you down, but an AI that is shooting without a miss. So now the remote fuses of the AI controlled anti-aircraft guns will be less accurate and hit less often. However, less often doesn’t mean never, so don’t be cheeky. And explosions that you will hear when approaching the target will let you know that you are in the danger zone.

Please notice that airfields are not affected by this change, so they are still dangerous!

Switched off but working?


Helicopters have ballistic calculators for missiles and cannons. While the missile calculator is fine, the cannons had a problem: the “Cannon ballistic sight” indicator was turned off by default because it belonged to the offensive weaponry. However, switching it off had no effect on the turret ballistic calculator which was always active.

You will no longer be bothered by incorrect indicators: the problem has been fixed!

Improving the system of rewarding for useful actions


In air SB and helicopter battles the reward system where players will be rewarded not for each individual action but for the amount of mission points earned in the calculated period. This reward system was introduced last July and you can read a description of it on our forum. This system originally applied to SL and not RP. After seeing over the time that this system worked well we decided to apply it to RP as well which allows us to solve several notable problems.

The first issue was that in longer EC sessions the 30 minutes booster burnt out before the calculation of the received RP at the end of the mission. Now RP will be calculated for each time interval and the booster effect will be correctly applied to them.

The second problem is the unfair use of the mechanics to get RP for the entire mission with active play in short intervals and long periods of inactivity. The calculation of RP at the end of the mission in the game was made on the basis of earned mission points (activity) and the total lifetime of the player in the battle, which was actively used by some players of the EC mode - in a short period of time they scored enough mission points and then didn’t fight in the battle but simply took place of the potential active player in it and worsen the game experience for the enemy.This often destroyed and insulted allies who tried to play actively as this would lead to quicker mission win which is disadvantageous to such dishonest players. The new RP system demotivates such behaviour.

The reward system of useful actions will be used in game modes without explicitly fighting between two teams, so the difference in the RP earned by winning and losing in aircraft SB and helicopter battles has been removed. In helicopter battles which are pure PvE modes a correction was originally made in the calculation of the RP earned by 100% of the player’s team wins, so in this mode the changes will be purely in the calculation multipliers and will not affect the final value.

New rules for RP accrual in aircraft SB have also been added to the mechanics of the delayed airfield landing reward, similar to SL. You will now receive 80% of the calculated amount of both SL (as before) and RP for 15 minute intervals and the remaining 20% for successfully returning to the airfield.

That’s Not All

You’ll find the full list of improvements in the separate changelog - there are many interesting things there. We have fixed a control loss over UAVs when returning to ground vehicle control, restored the correct operation of the game on old Nvidia GPU, capturing mode in the ATGM gunner view no longer reset after exiting it and the vignette no longer blocks the view when switching to the aiming camera.


Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.

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