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Dreams come true: Sturmtiger
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The 38cm Sturmmörser commonly known as the “Sturmtiger” is a German SPG from WWII built on the chassis of the Tiger heavy tank. It is a specialized SPG for city battles: its 380mm cannon is excellent for destroying buildings and fortified points but when fighting against other vehicles, it has low accuracy and a long reload time. It may be difficult to hit anything with it, but if you succeed, your enemy will be in trouble - everyone will envy such a caliber!

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From 11:00 GMT on the 31st of October until 11:00 GMT on the 14th of November

Get points in the battle, unlock stages and win prizes!


“10 Year Better Together” decal


“X” decoration for ships


“X” pin-up decal


“Celebration Cake” decoration for ground vehicles

How to get prizes

Each stage will be unlocked for 35,000 mission points accumulated over the specified 2 days and will bring a new reward. New stages will be available at 11:00 GMT on the 31st of October, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th of November.

You can get mission points in ground battles of rank III and above in AB, RB and SB game modes. The number of mission points for completing a task depends on the game mode and the maximum rank if the vehicle used in the battle.The multiplier for earning points is specified in the mission description.

You can also get points by using any event vehicles of rank I-II. Such vehicles have the name of the event in which it was obtained in the vehicle card.

Rewards will be given for certain number of completed stages:

  • For 1 stage: Title
  • For 2 stages: “Better Together” decal
  • For 3 stages: “X” decoration for ships
  • For 4 stages: “X” pin-up decal
  • For 5 stages: “Celebration Cake” decoration for ground vehicles
  • For 6 stages: 38cm Sturmmörser
  • For 7 stages: Loading screen

You can track the progress of the challenge by clicking on your nickname and selecting the menu ”Achievements → War Thunder Anniversary → Dreams Come True”.

If you didn’t finish the stage in time until 16th of November you will be able to purchase passing stages for Golden Eagles in the achievement window and get corresponding prizes.

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