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Victory Day in War Thunder
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To celebrate the 77th anniversary of “Victory in Europe Day” we have prepared for you unique vehicles, discounts, decals and decorations!

From May 6th to 10th (11:00 GMT), take part in battles in War Thunder and get memorable rewards.

“Victory Fanfare” decal
“Victory Fanfare” decal

Perform 3 battles (activity of 70% or higher).

“SG-43” decoration for ground vehicles
“SG-43” decoration for ground vehicles

Get in total 20,000 mission points by controlling vehicles of rank III and above in ground battles.

“Matilda II” decoration for fleet
“Matilda II” decoration for blue water fleet

Get in total 10,000 mission points by controlling vehicles of rank III and above in naval battles.

You can follow your progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Victory Day.

Trophies are available in the in-game item store the purchase of which will bring you Allied weapon decorations or decals that you don’t already have. Decals are dedicated to three major Soviet war memorials: "Rear-front", “Warrior Liberator” and "Motherland". Decorations: «Bren Mk II», «ROKS-3» and «M1 Garand».

Discounts in the game

Until May 9th (11:00 GMT), 30% discount on upgrades and allied vehicles as well as a 50% discount on premium accounts.

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Sale in the Gaijin Store

The Gaijin.Net Store is having a sale on customizable packs with rare vehicles from May 5th to 9th. There is also a dynamic discount that can have as much as 60% off.

From May 9th to 16th you can purchase several packs of premium vehicles at a 50% discount!

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Legend of Victory: IS-2 №321

From 11th to 23rd of May - take part in the “Legend of Victory” event and become an owner of decals and decorations as well as the IS-2 №321 event vehicle!

The image of the Soviet IS-2 heavy tank side number “white 321” is gathered from retro photographs of actual armored vehicles from the final stages of the war in Europe. Crushed fenders, wooden logs to surmount spring mud, crewmen quilted jackets, left from the winter, shell boxes, holdall bags tied to the hull and turret… the ‘weathered’ IS-2 went through many trials to face the final battle!

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“Victory” series of tournaments

Register now to take part in the “Victory” series of tournaments! Choose a tournament that suits you the most, play alone or join the team!

The total prize fund of the tournament series is 195.000 Golden Eagles.

A decent result will also bring you an unique “Allies” decal!

“Allies” decal
“Allies” decal
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