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Legend of Victory: IS-2 №321
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This is what Berlin champions look like! We present a special event version of the famous Soviet heavy tank! The tank, as well as unique decorations and decals, are waiting for seasoned tank commanders!

From May 11th (11:00 GMT) till May 23rd (11:00 GMT)

Score points in battles, open new stages and grab your prizes!

IS-2 "white 321" , Heavy Tank, Rank IV, USSR, event vehicle


The image of the Soviet IS-2 heavy tank side number “white 321” is gathered from retro photographs of actual armored vehicles from the final stages of the war in Europe. Crushed fenders, wooden logs to surmount spring mud, crewmen quilted jackets, left from the winter, shell boxes, holdall bags tied to the hull and turret… the ‘weathered’ IS-2 went through many trials to face the final battle!

“M1919A6” decoration
“M1919A6” decoration
“PIAT” decoration
“PIAT” decoration
“Brave" text decal
“Strong" text decal

How to get the prizes

Each stage opens for 25,000 mission points and brings you a new reward.

Score mission points in random battles of rank III or above in Arcade, Realistic, or Simulator battles. See the score multiplier in the description of the mission, it depends on the gaming mode and maximum rank of the vehicles for the mission.

Tank number “321”
"321” decal

You may also score points in reward vehicles of ranks I-II achieved in special events. Such vehicles have event names in their info cards.

Stages change every two days at 11:00 GMT: May 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, and 21st.

You may achieve rewards by a number of completed stages:

  • For 1 stage: decal “321”
  • For 2 stages: one of text decals
  • For 3 stages: one of decorations
  • For 4 stages: one of text decals
  • For 5 stages: event tank IS-2 №321
  • For 6 stages: one of decorations

In the tech tree, IS-2 №321 is located in the IS-2 group, USSR, rank IV.

Track your progress in the hangar by clicking your Nickname → Achievements → Legend of the Victory. If you don’t complete a stage in time, until May 25th you will be able to purchase the stage for Golden Eagles and achieve the rewards.

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