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Battle Pass: season “Armored Elephant”
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Time for an upgrade, soldiers. We’re opening the 7th season of the War Thunder Battle Pass!

Open new stages and get unique premium combat vehicles, as well as tons of prizes: decals, 3D decorations, profile icons and a unique loading screen and title!

April 27th — July 27th
Battle Pass season 7

Season awards

Every season there’s a new set of awards. See the full list in the Battle Pass tab in the hangar, or check out our wiki. Here are the key awards for season 7:

HMS Cadiz

Britain, III rank, Premium

Britain, III rank, Premium

The British Battle-class destroyer wields an outstanding short-range AA battery and main caliber guns grouped on the ship’s fore.


France, III ranks, Premium

France, III rank, Premium

The reconnaissance version of the American P-51 Mustang piston engined fighter in service with the French air force. High max speed and shredding .50’s in the wings!


Germany, IV rank, Premium

Germany, IV rank, Premium

Elefant is one of the best WWII self-propelled guns. Modernized from the Ferdinand SPG, this armored monster now has a forward machine gun and even better protection at the hull’s front.

  • “Emblem of the 31st Armored Division”
  • “Emblem of the headquarters of the 6th group”
  • “Emblem of the 1st brigade”
  • “Emblem of the No. 27 Squadron RAF”
  • “Elephant in armor”(ship)
  • “Elephant helmet” (tank)
  • “Ankus” (tank)
Profile icon
  • “Tanker in a gas mask”

Premium Account

Beginning this season, I-II rank award vehicles are replaced with Premium account offers that are useful for both newcomers, and seasoned veterans.

All rewards and challenges for season 7

About the Battle Pass

Please note that the Battle Pass is completely free to claim if you obtain two Coupon Upgrades from stages in the previous season. They can be exchanged from the purchase menu for the “Firepower” season Battle Pass!

Battle Pass is a seasonal event during which you will earn progress points and use them to open new levels. Each opened level brings you a valuable reward, from Silver Lions and boosters to exclusive season prizes: decorations, profile icons and premium vehicles.

Open new stages and get awards at any time during the season.

БП находится в правой части ангара
You can access the “Battle Pass” window through the promo block on the right side of the hangar screen.

How to participate


  • You get progress points every day for entering the game.
  • From 1 to 5 points.

Complete Battle Tasks

  • See Battle Task descriptions in the game and get progress points for completing them.
  • From 2 to 5 points.

Complete Season Challenges

  • Season Challenges are very similar to Battle Tasks. One Challenge is available at the season’s start. Every week you get another one or two challenges, three more can be unlocked by opening stages.
  • 30 points.
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