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Battle Pass vehicles: F-6C-10-NT

The reconnaissance version of the legendary American P-51 Mustang fighter in service with the French Air Force will be one of the main prizes in the new Battle Pass season!

F-6C-10-NT, fighter, France, rank III. Premium.


  • Good flight characteristics
  • .50 Brownings in the wings
  • Lacks suspended weapons
  • Premium

The first field modifications of the P-51 Mustang series for tactical photo reconnaissance appeared in the UK in 1941. In 1942, the United States began their conversion of P-51 Mustang fighters of various series into a reconnaissance fighter by equipping them with one or two bulky K-24 cameras manufactured by Kodak. These aircraft were used by the US Air Force, Britain, Australia, and were also delivered abroad under the Lend-Lease program. The reconnaissance Mustang was actively used during the Allied offensive in Europe, as well as in Tunisia and in the Pacifics.


F-6C-10-NT reconnaissance fighters were converted from serial P-51C-10-NT Mustangs by installing photographic equipment. The version of the F-6C-10-NT fighter, supplied under the Lend-Lease to the French Air Force, will be one of the main prizes of the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass!

P-51 Mustang fighters are well known to our pilots, and one could hardly find a battle in the low or mid ranks, where these fast and maneuverable aircraft are not used. The F-6C-10-NT has no suspended armament and is designed to destroy primarily fighters and attack aircraft. Four heavy "Brownings" in the wings have a total ammo capacity of 1260 rounds, which is usually enough for a medium duration battle.

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The Mustang feels most comfortable at medium and high altitudes, so experienced pilots often use this fighter for “boom n zoom” tactics: the aircraft has a good climb rate, high maximum speed and a construction strong enough for high loads. In mixed combat, the Mustang is not as effective as cannon and strike fighters, but it can be used to hunt enemy aircraft and destroy lightly armored ground vehicles. The fighter responds to the controls well and calmly engages in duels.

At its rank in the French aviation lineup, the F-6C-10-NT will become one of the fastest aircraft. Its premium status will allow you to research French aviation of low and medium ranks faster. You can get the F-6C-10-NT for free for completing the stages of the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass, which will start in the game in a few days. Details about the rules and prizes of the new season will be announced very soon, stay tuned!

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