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It’s fixed! №34

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder on the website special section.

Making bug reports easier to pass!

Most updates that are released and even some of the improvements in this digest are based on your bug reports. It’s hard to overestimate their usefulness and your help so we want to make it so that you don’t spend a lot of time and effort making bug reports.

We are happy to introduce a brand new service which will make reporting bugs to developers easier and faster.


Convenient forms for downloading the necessary logs and other files, tracking the hottest problems of the game as well as direct access to the page directly from the game client.

You can get to the new service directly from the game by clicking: “Community → Report an issue” And of course we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the new service.

Bug logging continues to be available on the forum as well.

Where did the shell disappear to?


Such a question, although rarer, can still occur to any tanker since the release of the “Ground Breaking” update. It was the update that required some reworking of surfaces for the new terraforming mechanics that has led to situations with missing shells.

To explain briefly the shell wasn’t really missing but if there was a surface behind your tank’s turret - ground, hill or rock, the game gave the shell a command to detonate or hit it! This happened most often when shooting at enemies above you or if there was a hill or other object behind you. In this case, in the vicinity of the shooter there was likely to have been another tank (no matter allied, enemy or even already destroyed vehicle).

We already fixed the shell's trajectory yesterday, so they will no longer collide with obstacles behind your tank. 

Clarifying the models of rockets and air-to-surface missiles


Another example of the noticeable effect in small changes on the mechanics of the weapon. Now we have added distance between the fuse and the charge itself to the in-game models of rockets and air-to-surface missiles with a massive high-explosive warhead that is placed at some distance behind the detonator.  

It will mean that the epicentre of detonation of such rockets and AGM’s will be somewhat distant from the actual point of impact. This in turn will increase the surface area with which the explosive wave and shrapnel interact and increase the chance of finding a weaker area  will be forced by the explosion or pierced by the secondary fragments. 

You should be familiar with this principle if you have ever fired high-powered high-explosive at or even near the brow of an enemy turret, expecting the blast to find a vulnerable point. Now these rockets and AGM’s will become a little more dangerous. We will continue the work of modeling more sophisticated weapons.

Speeding up the onset of a well-deserved victory


This change  will work in air RB mode. As you may remember, if the enemy has no active forces left, their team points will start to decrease after a while by bringing you a long-awaited victory.

We decided not to waste your time waiting for this process to start - now the enemy will start losing points as soon as their team has no active forces left. At the same time the waiting time for the activity of the last remaining player in the battle will slightly increase - from 90 to 100 seconds. 

We wish you fast victories and successful overpowering - depending on which side you represent in the battle. 

Fixed a bug in “Global Illumination”


Global illumination is one of the most interesting graphical features in our Dagor engine. If your video card supports DX11 you can safely enable it and enjoy much more realistic lighting and reflected light with minimal FPS reduction.

For this edition of the “It’s Fixed” we fixed a bug that would cause the surface in the battles to be too dark if this setting was set above medium quality. Thank you for your reports on this problem.

More improvements

For this digest we have prepared a large set of useful fixes and game improvements. Be sure to read the full list which we have prepared in the separate changelog - there are many interesting things.

Open the full changelog

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted in our bug report section on the War Thunder forums.


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