War Thunder background

Ground vehicles

  • T-69 II G — a bug has been fixed with the lack of control of the AA machine gun when the commander is knocked out. (report).


  • An issue with lock-on of air-to-air missiles on certain aircraft in test flight has been solved (report).
  • Incorrect bomb drop from the central pylons has been fixed.
  • A28B — the sightmark shift after missile launch has been corrected.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented zooming out after bomb/rocket powered chase camera has been enabled.
  • Aichi E13A1 - turret machine gun type has been changed from Type 99 to Type 97.
  • A-7E - camera toggle has been fixed for the weapon preset containing the FLIR system and AGM-62A Walleye guided bombs. 
  • A-129CBT - a bug has been fixed, where in the preset of BGM-71C ITOW + FFAR x 14, certain missiles were visually detached. 
  • B-25 (all series), PBJ-1J - the thickness of the armour plate below the nose gunner has  been corrected (Source: AN 01-60GE-1)
  • Mirage 3E - radar view in the cockpit has been changed from cone to square. 
  • 37mm М4/М10 gun - spread has been corrected.
  • Rockets and air-to-surface missiles with huge HE warheads now feature a space between the warhead and the fuse. This change results in warhead detonation on the certain distance before the armour, and improves the shrapnel spread diagram. The list of rockets/missiles is:
    • S-1OF
    • S-13OF
    • S-21
    • S-24
    • S-24B
    • S-25O
    • S-25L
    • Type-130-2
    • Zuni Mk32
    • Tiny Tim
    • Red Angel
    • Uncle Tom
    • Triplex R.P.
    • Kh-66
    • Kh-23M
    • Kh-25
    • Kh-25ML
    • Kh-29L
    • Kh-29T
    • AS-20
    • AS-30
    • AS-30L
    • Rb05A
    • AGM-12B
    • AGM-12C


  • The sortieing of a reconnaissance aircraft will no longer increase the spawn point cost of bomber aircraft.
  • HMS Norfolk - a bug preventing torpedo reload in Arcade battles has been fixed.
  • JDS Harukaze - flag has been changed in the info card.
  • Prinz Eugen - take off angles of reconnaissance aircraft have been corrected. 

Other changes

  • PC: a bug has been fixed where on some graphic cards, shadows of static objects in the hangar might disappear after switching to windowed mode and back.
  • PC: ground darkening has been fixed, when setting the global illumination quality higher than “low”.
  • Glitching of the pop-up window with a battle trophy in the warbond shop has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the squadron tag was indicated in front of the name of the AI ​​that replaced the player who did not join a battle.
  • The mechanics of accounting of the active players in air Realistic battles has been improved. Now, the team score begins to decrease instantly, when there are no more active players with a respawn left. At the same time, the waiting period of the last active player has been increased from 90 to 100 seconds.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.