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Meet Major Update “Winged Lions”!
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A new in game nation and Air Force tree with Israel, reconnaissance aircraft for naval battles, the influence of breeze in the game environment, new locations, many new vehicles and a long list of bug fixes awaits you in the "Winged Lions" Major Update!


New line of Israel Air Forces

  • Twenty aircraft in the starting lineup, available for testing to everyone who has completed special access tasks or owns one of the Israeli premium aircraft packs.

Ground vehicles

14 new and updated vehicles

Naval fleet

6 new vessels including Scharnhorst!


  • The effect of breeze or wind on particle effects such as fires and smoke, dust from vehicle movement and aircraft engines, gun shots, explosions and sparks has been added. 

New locations and missions

"Israel" - a new location for air battles with two missions, the return of the updated location "Volokolamsk" and a new mission on the map "Spain".


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