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New locations: "Israel" and the return of "Volokolamsk"

In the Winged Lions update, we plan to add several new locations, and now we will tell you about two of them!



The main topic of the next update is Israeli aviation with a new aircraft location made exactly for aspiring pilots - meet “Israel”! The "Israel"  location for aircraft battles has an area of 128km by 128km, so it is perfect not only for piston-engined aviation, but also for jet aircraft. The map was created based on the border area of Israel, Lebanon and Syria. The terrain here is predominantly hilly, and the sparse plains are covered by vast fields. Several small towns are located on the map, between which there are farms, kibbutzim and fruit gardens. 


A test flight of the Israeli Air Force will also take place in the “Israel” location. You signed up for testing already, didn’t you?

"Volokolamsk" re-visited


The tank battle location “Volokolamsk” was among the first tank battlefields in the game and many veteran players remember it well. After some time though, the map was removed from rotation, after receiving many comments from players on its design, and in the filter of unwanted maps Volokolamsk was one of the leaders. The Gaijin location design team did a great job with this new updated map. We fixed the terrain in places where it negatively affected gameplay, and altered the position of many trees and forests. The infamous hill near the chapel, from where a skillful squad was able to control a huge sector of the map, has now become lower and is no longer such a powerful position. We have also brought the map up to the quality standards of modern War Thunder locations - we reworked the snow and roads, added new objects in settlements with smaller vegetation in the fields and hills.


Well, let's give Volokolamsk one more chance, ok? Look out for the updated and refreshed location in the tank and mixed battles in War Thunder since the release of the upcoming update "Winged Lions"! See you there!

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