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The way the wind blows

Today we would like to tell you about the new effects of the influence of wind in the game environment of War Thunder - smoke, fire, sparks and dust.

The wind has already blown in locations of War Thunder, but before the release of the Winged Lions update, it could only be seen on the grass and on the waves. Now everything will be different! All particle effects, such as fires and smoke, dust from ground vehicles and aircraft engines, gun shots, explosions and sparks - all these effects will now be affected by the wind.

The wind in the game depends on the weather settings. The influence of wind effects is most noticeable during storms, but such weather is rare in War Thunder, and we are looking for a middle ground between a comfortable weather for playing and the beauty of the effects.

We are currently tweaking the weather settings to make the new wind effects more picturesque in the upcoming update. We will continue to make effects better in the following updates too, we have tons of ideas!


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