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It’s fixed! №32

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder on the website special section.

Optimizing respawn zones


You have asked about this improvement in the comments to one of the previous digests when you reported more frequent collisions in the respawns. Embrace the improved respawn mechanics in tank battles!

Now allies who joined a little later or were delayed in selecting a vehicle will appear slightly behind those who clicked the “Battle” button in the respawn window earlier. In this way players will be less in the way of each other.

Rested and that's enough


The earth isn't a place where an aircraft can rest in the middle of the battle. Now players whose aircraft are not in the air will not be counted as active and sessions with such players will end with their defeat by timer (which previously meant the loss of all vehicles by the team).

At the same time the waiting time to return to the battle has been increased in the aircraft RB and SB as well as in helicopter AB.

Fixed the reloading on some ground launched missiles


We are talking about the issue where even with no ammunition the turret of such vehicles like the M901, FlaRakPz 1, FlaRakRad and the Roland 1 spontaneously rotated to reload the launchers. Even when there was nothing to reload.

The bug has been fixed. But it is still recommended to take more ammo into battle and not forget to reload at captured points.

Bonus for the Xbox Live Gold subscription

Every month Xbox players with an activated Gold subscription will receive a special set: +40% RP booster for 10 battles, +75% SL booster for 10 battles and also 5 backup vehicles.

We wish you victory!

More improvements

For this digest we have prepared a large set of useful fixes and game improvements. Be sure to read the full list which we have prepared in the separate changelog - there are many interesting things.

Open the full changelog

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted in our bug report section on the War Thunder forums.


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