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Battle Pass Vehicles: Beaufighter Mk I (40-mm)

The Beaufighter Mk I (40-mm) was an experimental version of the well-known British Beaufighter heavy fighter, serving as a testbed for the newly developed 40mm aircraft cannons in the early 1940’s. This unique vehicle awaits pilots as one of the main prizes in the upcoming new season of War Thunder Battle Pass! 

Beaufighter Mk I (40-mm),strike aircraft, Britain, rank II, premium


  • Deadly 40mm cannons
  • Limited ammunition
  • Good flight characteristics
  • Premium bonuses

In 1941, British engineers continued conducting armament trials with the Beaufighter, introduced into service in the previous year. Despite already being one of the most heavily armed aircraft in the world at the time, British engineers conducted tests of the newly developed 40mm cannon and fitted two different cannons to one of the early prototypes of the Beaufighter. The results concluded that the experimental version of the Vickers S cannon was more preferable, it was then subsequently further developed and eventually found its way into purpose-designed ground attack versions of the Hurricane fighter.


The Beaufighter is a heavy fighter known and loved by British pilots most notably for its extremely heavy armament and its good looks, present even in early modifications. The Beaufighter Mk I (40-mm) is an early prototype of the heavy fighter, which instead of entering regular service, continued being used as a testbed by engineers. This specific version is fitted with a pair of 40mm autocannons, capable of dealing some truly devastating damage, even to heavily armoured ground units!

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Unlike other modifications of the Beaufighter, this experimental version of the heavy fighter is much better equipped to successfully combat armoured ground units. While regular modifications rely primarily on secondary weapons to do this, the Beaufighter Mk I (40-mm) can simply engage enemy tanks with its nose-mounted 40mm cannons, capable of punching through a not so inconsiderable amount of armour plating. However, pilots ought to keep in mind the limited ammunition capacity of the fitted 40mm cannons. Being able to only pull the trigger 28 times, aspiring pilots of this aircraft will need to be precise with their shooting and make every shot count. On the other hand, one well-placed salvo is sure of severely crippling a typical ground vehicle found at this rank while the aircraft will most certainly stand no chance in a direct hit!

Be sure to add the unique Beaufighter Mk I (40-mm) to your in-game collection by taking part in the upcoming new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass. Clear skies and good hunting pilots!


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