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It’s fixed! №3

We continue our journals with more details about released improvements and fixes.

This time we focus on fixing weapons and vehicle characteristics based on your bug reports. A full list of fixes can be found in the changelog section.

Work on angles

Can you guess what aircraft’s defensive turret this is?
Can you guess what aircraft’s defensive turret this is?

Back in the last “It’s fixed!” digest we told you about the rather significant changes to the firing angles of the defensive turrets for some aircraft. This alignment with historical data is just as important as the flight characteristics of the vehicles so it’s worth your attention as well. 

This time we made a few more adjustments both upward and downward.

B6N1, B6N2 and B6N2a - have become much more dangerous against those who decide to attack them from the side of the rear hemisphere as the firing angles of defensive turrets on these aircraft have been considerably increased. From recently accessed documents we have learned that the mounting mechanism on the upper defensive machine gun had a pendulum design and could be extended behind the fuselage. Exactly this turret is shown in the picture. Can you imagine that? You are attacking the target from the turret’s dead zone but… it LOOKS OUT!   

Less significantly but still in the firing angles of the turrets on all versions of the Tu-2 have been expanded. At the same time the design feature of the upper turret limits the angle to the right compared to the ability to fire on targets to the left. Take this into account.

But the Su-2 TSS will no longer surprise its pursuers by shooting down through the fuselage. Neither will the SM.91, which fired its rounds through the tail fins.

Keyboard control

You can move around the game interface by using the keyboard arrows which is convenient. But the pointer could sometimes move unpredictably and some buttons and functions were not available to it at all.

We have fixed many of the bugs of moving the cursor around the interface elements with this control type.

Login screen layout

We have also fixed one simple but annoying bug. Some time ago the keyboard layout indicator disappeared from the login window and players often entered the password in the wrong language. 

We have returned the indicator.

Rocket selection

On the US M3A3 Bradley you can not only choose between two modifications of rockets, but also take both modifications into battle at once. But there was only one one button on the interface! No choice, no fun.

But only until today! Now, if you take different rocket types, there will be two buttons.

From A to Z

As usual we have listed in this news only a few bug fixes that concerned a significant number of our players. You can read the full list of improvements and fixes in the changelog for this update.

Open the full changelog


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